Saturday, July 9, 2016

Microwave technology in the back: University Hospital: Cologne doctors write medical … –

Dr. Apostolos Chatzikalfas shows where the new magic wire seated in the body of the patient.

“For six months there is for the EU approval. Since we specialize at the Cologne University Hospital for 40 years on neuromodulation, we must first perform these operations, “said Chatzikalfas.

Successfully, as has been shown in the OPs. “I can hardly believe it. The pain is almost gone. This is an eerie relief. I’m thrilled, “says Tobias Berkhahn while it is in the current OP on the treatment table. “Finally I can again look forward to a nearly pain-free life, my love and life. And maybe soon go back to work. “Ideally, his pain disappears completely.


Tobias is right after surgery happy and almost painless.

” the therapy is recognized by health insurance. The cost of around 20,000 euros are taken, “says Dr. Chatzikalfas. “Patients who have a crooked spine or after several OPs strong, chronic pain ,, we can do so much better help to less pain and better quality of life.”


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