Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hellblade: Impressive motion capture technology in the new … –

In a newly published video for their upcoming “Hellblade” the motion capture technology is introduced, which is used is in the development of the title. You should work faster than ever.

For upcoming “Hell Blade” is a new video arrives, in which the developer of Ninja Theory imagine the capture technology for in the production of the title used. was developed this in collaboration with Epic Games and other companies in the industry. The great advantage of the system is to be the speed. Faster than ever, the movements and facial expressions of actors in the game can be ported.

The aim of the development of motion capture technology was to create a system which as a simple movie recording is somewhat intuitive. After starting the below embedded video for “Hell Blade” you see the current state of technology. the whole thing is presented based on a scene, which can be found shortly after admission to a pre-sequence. The studio already got an award for the best real-time graphics and interactivity.

When “Hellblade” should come on the market, is still unclear. the title was announced once for PlayStation 4 and PC. After the launch of “Hell Blade” you can deal you with all sorts of battles. Previously you have you but content with the following background video:


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