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Bioservo Technologies AB: Space Robotics partnership between GM and NASA … – Tagesspiegel

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Swedish medtech companies Bioservo Technologies receives license for RoboGlove

A robotic glove technology, the International of General Motors and NASA for use on the space station was developed, now comes under a license agreement between GM and the Swedish medtech company Bioservo Technologies AB in healthcare, manufacturing and other areas of application.

Together with GM is Bioservo its technology SEM Glove (TM ) combine with the RoboGlove. The latter is a power for narrow glove that arose during the nine-year collaboration between GM and NASA, which also on the posting of the humanoid robot Robonaut 2 (R2) was responsible into space in 2011. ‘/ P>

The RoboGlove has ultramodern sensors as well as actuators and tendons, which are comparable to the nerves, muscles and tendons of a human hand. A design requirement for R2 was the use of tools that have been specifically developed for people. The developer arrived at the robot hand an outstanding dexterity. This technology has been transferred to the RoboGlove.

Bioservo will initially develop a new gripping assistant device for industrial use, which could increase the efficiency and thereby reduce the hand fatigue muscles. Research has shown that it then can lead to fatigue already, when a tool is held only a few minutes at a time in hand.

“The best of three worlds? Space NASA technology, technology of GM and Medtech of Bioservo united? in a new industrial glove could to use the technology on an industrial scale lead, “said Tomas Ward, CEO of Bioservo Technologies.

Ward described the combination of technologies as an important step in achieving global implementation of a soft Außenskelett- technology.

GM intends to be the first US customer to take advantage from the manufacturing sector the revised robot glove, and will test it in some of its manufacturing facilities. Bioservo will produce the new glove for a variety of application areas for sale, including the area medical rehabilitation and all other areas where additional grip force is needed.

“The successor of RoboGlove can reduce the effort, to a must supply workers to use a tool for a long time or to perform repetitive movements, “said Kurt Wiese, Vice President of GM Global Manufacturing Engineering.

GM tested the RoboGlove briefly in an early production facility before the company looked for a partner who can support him in adapting to different hand sizes, as well as other problems.

Financial details about the license, the GM, NASA and Oceaneering Inc. the company Bioservo granted, were not disclosed.

General Motors

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About Bioservo Technologies

Bioservo Technologies AB is a leading company in the field of soft exoskeleton technology, the medical knowledge of the needs of people with modern robotics technology connects to develop innovative, strength-boosting products. The award-winning SEM Glove (TM) is used as an aid, healthcare and home of people with impaired muscle strength or the need for additional power and endurance. The patented Soft-Extra-Muscles technology (SEM (TM)) is used in innovative products and a number of international projects worldwide including the HandinMind project for more effective stroke rehabilitation and the Iron Hand project for everyday activities (Activities for Daily Living, ADL). The unique technology has its origins in the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Karolinska University Hospital. The HandinMind- and Ironhand projects are financially supported by the European Commission.

Bioservo Technologies AB and its manufacturing facilities sitting in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Further information about the Company, please visit details also learn to info.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2016/jul/0706-gm-nasa.html dl = 0

Press contact: Alan Adler

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Anett Grusser-Pettersson marketing Manager Bioservo Technologies AB + 46-70-795-34-81

Tomas Ward CEO Bioservo Technologies AB + 46-768-94 -00-40

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