Friday, December 11, 2015

Windows environment crossover 15 with a new look – Macwelt


Windows programs run on the Mac, without the operating system of Windows will allow crossover 15th

Those who like to run certain Windows programs or PC games on his Mac, without this first having to install Windows as an operating system, crossover 15 can give you a chance. This supports many (though not all) applications from the Windows world. Unlike with Boot Camp or a virtualization environment such as Parallels Desktop respectively VMware not installing Windows is required for this purpose. Rather, crossover 15 is based on the latest open source technology of Wine 1.8, a Windows-compatible runtime environment, which provides in particular libraries from Windows. This promises better support for audio, video, integrated OLEs (Object Linking and Embedding Microsoft, German Object Linking and Embedding) and many other improvements. So to run with Crossover 15 more Windows programs than before and have been doing both optimized performance as well as visual effects.

Crossover 15 has according to developers also several improvements in the user interface and is better adapted to the Mac, especially with a new tool to Windows software faster and easier to install. For Linux, the crossover 15 is also compatible, you have made the necessary improvements. Moreover Retina displays are now supported.

For the use of crossover 15 for Mac no Windows operating system license is required. If you want to know if and how a Windows program probably running on your own Mac, you can look up at this point. So are about Microsoft Office for Windows and Intuit Quicken to or Steam games. While there are many deals available for the Mac as native applications, in some cases, the Windows alternative, however, is cheaper or more advanced in the development and sometimes they also certainly not for the Apple computers natively available.

There are also complimentary Wine-virtualization for the Mac as WineBottler, CodeWeavers but one in a comparison chart on which benefits are designed to provide their own paid versions. For the latest version of OS X is 10.8 Crossover least provided on an Intel Mac. A new license included a one-year support via email and free updates for this version costs 48 euros, but there are also cheaper entry prices with shorter support.


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