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Gorilla Glass technology debuts in the new Ford GT – CAR PRODUCTION

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For the first time puts Ford at his Supersportle GT particularly tough Gorilla glass in the windshield and the engine compartment cover on. This was announced by the carmaker now.

Gorilla Glass technology deb & # xFC; plays at the new Ford GT

Gorilla Glass technology debuts in the new Ford GT. Image: Ford

The windscreen and the glass engine compartment cover in the rear of the new Ford GT supercar will be – for the first time in a production car – made of so-called Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is a very thin, very lightweight and yet very resistant special glass, which the US manufacturer Corning in 2007 under the product name “Gorilla Glass” in particular for applications in the consumer electronics – as a cover glass for displays of portable electric devices with touch screens – on has brought to the market. In the course of developing the new Ford GT Ford engineers tested the consistent use of innovative lightweight materials and pushed it quickly to Gorilla Glass. After these glass technology had been thoroughly tested for use in the Ford GT, Ford developed together with Corning, the corresponding series-product of the new super sports car.

A conventional windshield consists of two laminated sheets of glass. This two-layer glass was originally introduced by Henry Ford in the US and has been used for nearly a century in the automotive industry for use (laminated safety glass).

Gorilla Glass, the producer speaks in this context of hybrid -glass, however is multilayered – consisting of a tough outer layer, a sound-absorbing intermediate layer and a further stabilizing inner layer. Nevertheless, the Gorilla Glass is only between three and four millimeters thick for the new Ford GT, whereas comparable conventional laminated glass between four and six millimeters

The bottom line is this:. The Gorilla Glass windscreen and Gorilla Glass engine compartment cover of the new Ford GT are thinner despite the different glass layers between 25 and 50 percent – and by 12 pounds (about 5.4 kg) lighter – than comparable products from conventional glass. There are also advantages in terms of scratch resistance and breaking strength.

“Gorilla glass is a good example of how Ford works with suppliers to encourage innovation in all areas of our business”, Hau Thai-Tang, Ford said Group Vice President, Global Purchasing. “The Ford GT sets new standards in terms of the relationship between power and weight. We look forward to the applications of these great new glass technology “

The new Ford GT supercar is at the forefront of high-performance pilot program of Ford -. He has an aerodynamically sophisticated carbon-fiber body and sets new standards in terms of lightweight construction and EcoBoost engine technology. With an output of more than 600 horsepower to be 3.5-liter six-cylinder Bi-Turbo is the strongest EcoBoost series aggregate at all. The power transmission to the rear wheels via a seven-course takes Ford PowerShift dual-clutch gearbox. Ultramodern, particularly lightweight composite materials are used. Thus, for example, the security cell as well as the carbon fiber body, the front and rear frame structures are made of aluminum. The result: The Ford GT has a stunning acceleration, precise handling, stable braking and highest safety standards

The new Ford GT is expected to middle of next year on the market.. The racing version of the new Ford GT will come already on 17 April 2016 Silverstone / Great Britain for use and for the first time on a European track.

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