Thursday, December 24, 2015

Technology trends beyond Java – JAXenter

In an evolving as fast as the IT industry, it is worthwhile for programmers to stay up to date. There are many interesting trends, practical tools and breakthrough innovations that affect the Java world greatly. In this series of short presentations Eberhard Wolff, Kai Tödter, Oliver Gierke, Peter Rossbach and Uwe Friedrichsen present the most fascinating trends for the coming years.

All five speakers are also on the JAX 2016 (18 to 22 April.) participate with key note speeches and workshops. Peter Rossbach awaits visitors for example in his Docker-based workshop, Kai Tödter shows interested workshop participants how to Cool Web Apps with angularjs, Typescript and Spring boat created and the question “What does a Micro Services technology stack from? “Eberhard Wolff will answer in his session. Uwe Friedrichsen notes “DevOps is not enough” and Oliver Gierke presents in its Session Understanding Domain-driven design for Micro Services concepts with which one can make manageable complexity in software

There is a wealth of technical developments which are not directly related to the Java world, but have nevertheless a major impact on this. Many such developments are changing the way how we develop software, to develop and operate very persistent – so we want to throw a spotlight on some of these techniques



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