Thursday, December 17, 2015

1000 dollars: Hacker self-propelled car developed with Deep Learning … – Trends of the future

George Hotz has already made nine years ago a name on the Internet by at all the Apple iPhone with a modified first hackers jailbreak. This was followed in 2009 then the legendary Playstation 3 hack that Geohot catapulted into the hearts of fans, at the same time but also meant a lot of trouble, because Sony fought back with a lawsuit. Geohot countered with a casual rap video. When the jailbreak development started to get bored Geohot, he worked at Facebook and Google as a security expert. Again, the talent was quickly challenged, so he dedicated himself to his own projects. With the company the hacker now built on its own a self-propelled car, which differs significantly from previous products from Google, Tesla and Co. A lot of sensors are used, which were first fixed in prototype-style with tape. As a platform acts a Honda Acura ILX. The centerpiece is the unique software that is thanks to Deep Learning AI, able to learn from the driver.

 Geohot Auto

Self-propelled car by Geohot with 21.5-inch Full HD display (Picture: YouTube screenshot)

Self-propelled cars must be reliable to 99.9999 percent

Geohots car independently learns to drive by “watching” the developer while driving. The procedure is recorded and analyzed. However, according to the Hacker is a problem that no self-driving car ever can optimally drive solely by a single driver analysis. Rather, it would make the mix of many drivers who always drive carefully. Hotz has set the goal of Tesla and even Google to show how to build a self-propelled car. The car drives by the way based on Linux and between driver and passenger hangs an oversized 21.5-inch Full HD display.


Concrete plans on a possible commercialization of the product not previously pursued Hotz. He can well imagine that the technology is even sold as a package to leading automakers. Such a kit for the self-propelled car for retrofitting should cost just under US $ 1,000, they suspect the developers. Tesla responded quite quickly to the Bloomberg article, the Geohots documented ambitious project and writes that no one could build a self-propelled car single-handedly, which gets a street legal. Finally, the challenge would be not to increase the AI ​​on 99 percent, but to 99.9999 percent. Interested parties can the contribution again read here. Pretty exciting the whole thing.


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