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APA-IT Informations Technologie GmbH: APA-IT in IPTC Board of Directors … – Tagesspiegel

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Gerald Inner Winkler, head of APA solutions defined IPTC quality standards in the executive committee with Vienna (ots) – The goal of the IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) is to simplify the dissemination of information between media companies using uniform formats, and metadata. To succeed, efficient technical standards are continually evolving. The APA was first on the EANA ?? European Alliance of News Agencies (a founding member) Member of IPTC and is since 1998 direct member ?? Since autumn 2015, the subsidiary of APA ?? Austria Press Agency by Gerald Inner Winkler, head of APA solutions, represented on the Board of Directors

Alexander Falchetto, CEO APA-IT, understands the importance of the IPTC in the media industry. ?? The message transfer between media, eg News agencies, publishing houses, etc. is technologically complex. In order to transport the contents of possible uniform, it takes sophisticated IT interfaces. To meet these challenges, especially in the digital age, it makes sense to leave the often local perspective and to interact with representatives of the international media industry. We are delighted that an expert was recorded with longtime experience in the Board of Directors with Gerald Inner Winkler ??

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Inner Winkler passes among others APA-IT CRS (Content Routing System / Message distributing system) such an interface, the news agencies and media links. The expert is looking forward to future technical challenges: ?? It will be interesting to work out the general orientation of the IPTC and setting future priorities on the board, and thereby be able to introduce the media expertise of APA-IT ??. His previous activities ranged from the technical development of the APA editorial system on the editorial planning system for the APA and AFP to OTS manager.

Already in 2013 programmed the APA-IT software to the message transfer on the basis of the IPTC standards NewsML-G2 simplify. This editorial, multimedia contents are displayed in the technical formats, which in turn are transported to other news agencies, publishers and end users. To simply use the default format in Web CMS systems, also a WordPress plugin has been implemented by the APA-IT, plugins for other web CMS systems are being planned. Both tools are under an open source license, including source code available for free:.. Https://iptc.org/standards/newsml-g2/tools-for-newsml-g2

Zwtl .: Board of Directors

– Stuart Myles, Chairman / AP – Michael Steidl, managing director / IPTC – Dave Compton, Director / Thomson Reuters – Andreas Gebhard, Director / Getty Images – Stéphane Guérillot, Director / AFP – Gerald Inner Winkler, Director / APA – Evan Sandhaus, Director / NY Times – Robert Schmidt-Nia, Director / DPA – Guowei Wu, Director / Xinhua

Zwtl .: About APA-IT

The APA -IT Informations Technologie GmbH offers complete solutions with focus on the areas of media solutions and IT outsourcing. As a subsidiary of APA – Austria Press Agency APA-IT operates the infrastructure of the Austrian news agency and numerous other media outlets. Established systems and tools are constantly being developed and tailored to individual customer needs. The APA-IT supports its customers as a reliable partner – from conception to operation – is available. Expertise and understanding of the industry make the company into a specialist for IT solutions from publishers and companies with media-related tasks.

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Further inquiry note: APA – Austria Presse Agentur Barbara Rauchwarter company spokeswoman Head of Marketing & amp; Communications Tel .: +43 1360 60-5700 E-mail: barbara.rauchwarter@apa.at http://www.apa.at

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