Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holodeck! Amazon develops AR technology without a headset – Mobilegeeks

I am to say the least easily aroused and after all these years of “new Smartphone Here, great VR experience here self-propelled cars anywhere “I can say that this does not happen so often. No, I’m not frustrated or dulled completely, but it just come so rarely completely new ideas out, the press next to me more or less the cortex 2 centimeters upwards, if I just begin by thinking the potential.

Yes, I’m a huge fan of virtual and augmented reality ideas, projects, hardware and software. These technologies will change in yourself the way how we consume content. Dramatically and so radical that all the legitimate concerns with respect. Various addictions (Onlinge, Gaming … you name it!) Are on the other hand appear like a Ronald McDonald Children’s birthday without Junior bag. It will be something of incredibly exciting that I let myself be carried away to innocent research purposes even cause to test VR Porn!

It was …. incredibly intense and I’ve now beaten already equal to the bridge to my opening sentence. Exactly, the number with the excitement and such. Do not worry, here is no NSFW story … I get still now the curve.

The HoloLens Microsoft has opened my this year in literally eyes. Yes, the Oculus of flies DK1 here for almost 2 years rum and I’m really excited about the possibilities of these technologies, but the HoloLens was somehow a completely different caliber. In the 90 minutes that Microsoft has indulged in with the glasses to me, I’ve tinkered 3D paper balls, which then fell on real tables and rolled under real sofas. Friends, I am even rumgekrabbelt on the ground to look for these non-existent objects. Batty or? But above all, damn fascinating.

Now Amazon wants to have a piece of the pie. And a really thick (why I then “Chen” have packed hinteer item? No idea!). What the largest online store of the known universe makes them different? The can easily cheeky glasses away! ?! WTF

In 2 Patents ( “Reflector-Based Depth mapping of a Scene” and “Object tracking in a 3D Environment” ) and thanks to insider information that the colleagues Forbes have received, the responsible for this technology is described fairly accurately. So at least as accurate as having in patents expire, because ultimately you want here quite reinbringen a certain fuzziness that allows in the future to knock a competitor on fingers (you know … this patents with rounded corners ).

A room equipped with computerized projection and imaging systems did enable presentation of images on various objects within the room to Facilitate user interaction with the images and / or objects Amazon AR Patent

What we know so far? Under the ceiling mounted projectors to project them 3D objects and images into any corner of the room and even offer the opportunity to interact with this.

Amazon augmented reality projector2

Yes, this 2 Patent trackt not only the objects, you shall thus be able to manipulate these gestures. How worn is Bitteschön it?

And this is exactly where I apologize to all publishers who publish more Technews this day. Compared to the ideas of the Amazon developers this is just … I had already told the story of the McDonalds birthday without junior bag? Oh come, let’s look at NEN Holodeck clip and dream a little … to have ideas for future technologies finally here!


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