Thursday, December 10, 2015

New image sensor introduced with Quantum film technology – – Digital Camera News

The imager provides opposite sensors currently used numerous advantages

image sensors operate virtually identical since the beginning of digital photography. “Hard” defined pixels take roughly on the light and give the information via electronic conductor tracks to the image processor further. In the readout technique and the arrangement of the photodiodes there lately, including through the new design of the rear exposure, while still making progress, big jumps, however, were not possible. This will now allow the development of the company InVisage Quantum film image sensor.

Instead of using silicon as the photosensitive material, sets the quantum film image sensor on the so-called quantum dots, which are located below the color filter and a first electrode on the sensor , The Quantum film is thus able to capture significantly more light than a traditional image sensor, which effectively results in a higher sensitivity

The Quantum film image sensor enables a global shutter.:

Through the Quantum film technology but will be more other advantages. Firstly, the sensor is a dynamic zoom allow the manufacturer. Depending on which resolution requires an image for display, the sensor (a lower sensitivity but simultaneously) or a higher sensitivity (and a lower resolution) operate at a higher resolution. InVisage speaks among other things, so-called super-pixels to capture a lot of light

In contrast to conventional image sensors should be greater the dynamic range:

On the other hand the Quantum film sensor to enable a higher dynamic range due to its fundamentally different architecture, avoid using a global shutter distortion of moving subjects and also allow especially small camera modules.

Exact technical specifications defined by the Manufacturer InVisage not mentioned, however, the sensor is to be found in a 8.5 x 8.5 mm camera module space, dissolve 13 megapixels and offer the possibility of recording of 4K video. The current smartphone imaginary sensor is delivered in this quarter in small quantities to smartphone manufacturers.


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