Monday, December 28, 2015

Visa Europe: The block chain technology is no longer “just a choice” – BTC-Echo

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Visa Europe said last week once again in retrospect on the year the importance of Bitcoin and the block chain technology and expressed suspicions about the fact that the traditional financial system will very soon adapt the technology.

Under the title “Why was 2015 the year of payments” discussed the Visa blog post the financial technology in the broad sense and goes thereby deeper into digital currencies. The company says that currently “a transformation takes place”, both in the research of technology as well as in public perception
The article also it is written.

“In 2015, has become the Block Chain developed into something that has to accept the industry. There is no longer a choice. Recent speculation about the inventor of the technology and the formalization of digital currencies as money making currencies more real than ever. “

Visa Europe says further that the technology will be faced in the coming year with regulatory hurdles and that the parties must address the issue of trust and continue to forge ahead. One issue with the technology to fight since the first hour of birth.

The article also says that using Bitcoin and the block chain technology in international payments will continue to be in 2016 thematic focus of the company and the competition.

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