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Formula 1: 1,000 hp thanks to Formula E technology? –

23rd December 2015 – 08:01 clock

Magneti Marelli is hoping for a transfer of technology in the Formula 1

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( – Formula 1 wants to be again faster and more spectacular. For this reason, should in future engines with 1,000 hp used. The question, however, how that should be achieved. Since manufacturers will continue to “green” at the want to keep Formula 1, an increase in the gasoline limit is difficult to enforce. Magneti Marelli tries Formula 1 now nahzulegen the opposite solution: More overall performance thanks to a stronger hybrid system

The step is not entirely altruistic. Magneti Marelli is active in the formula E, where it has built a full-fledged electric motor until the fifth season (2018/19) must provide 300 kilowatts. To link such an aggregate in Formula 1 with the V6 Tubomotor, would allow benefits as so far only in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) can be achieved where the overall performance significantly above the magical four-digit threshold is.

“I think that Formula 1 today or tomorrow after a larger ERS requires not only 120 kilowatts, as now,” said the head of motorsport by Magneti Marelli, Roberto Dalla. “We need 300 kilowatts, if we want to have 1,000-horsepower engines.” Therefore he promises that his company will continue to enter in the formula E at full throttle. However, the technology transfer between the electric Cup and Formula 1 is a two way street: “We have all our know-how from Formula 1, we have gained since 2008 used for the Formula-E program.”

In the future it could go but rather the other way around, as Dalla prophesied: “We believe that the solutions that we offer for the E formula, tomorrow may be used in Formula 1, or at least help to be.” The formula E could thus be a kind of laboratory for F1.

hoped Also in other respects, Magneti Marelli, thanks to the Formula E-commitment to Formula 1 a technology keep -Vorsprung. “Formula E gives us even more than the Formula 1, the opportunity to design the electronic architecture of a car from scratch,” said the Italian. “And I’m sure that even the Formula 1 will use this experience because sooner or later the hydraulic from Formula 1 cars will disappear..”


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