Monday, December 7, 2015

Vectoring technology: Bundesnetzagnetur feared monopoly of … – Abendzeitung München

Use the vectoring technology the German Telekom could reach a new monopoly , The Federal Network Agency is trying to prevent this, but this case makes no great hope



Bonn – The Monopolies Commission is concerned because of the controversial vectoring technology too much market power Deutsche Telekom in parts of the network

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there was a risk that it will not succeed the Federal Network Agency to prevent a monopoly of the Telekom in the vicinity to the main distribution of the so-called last mile, said Daniel Zimmer, Chairman of the Monopolies Commission, at the presentation of a special report in Bonn.

Recently, the Federal Network Agency had as a regulator recommended in a draft, Deutsche Telekom to permit under certain conditions the exclusion of competitors has to offer with the Vectoring technology faster broadband Internet connections to.

In an implementation of the draft threatens a cementing of the existing market conditions, said room. The Monopolies Commission is an advisory body of the Federal Government of scientists


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