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Chances creative destruction: Disruptive technologies – Aktiencheck

Disruptive technologies are initially a matter of definition – stand behind innovations that have the potential to displace an existing product or service entirely or in large part. What at first seems simple to understand, however, represents a major conceptual challenge when you want to make to their respective companies investable.

index starting with currently 98 companies from ten branches

This task is the independent index provider Alpha 8 Partners and Solactive and UBS have placed as Issuer and in a first step, identified ten sectors, where disruptive potential is awarded: robotics and automation, 3D printing, Cyber ​​Security, Material Science & amp; Battery technology, Cloud Computing & amp; Big Data, Social Networks & amp; Mobile Computer Technology, Biotechnology & amp; Genetics, water and waste technology, solar energy and LED & amp; Lighting technology. A much-quoted example of disruption comes from the music industry: Provides the development of MP3 technology in itself does not represent disruption, this was made possible by the rapid dissemination and marketing of its players. Today, the MP3 format is established as a standard; the demand for CDs has fallen sharply (previously ablösten records).

The composition of the Index are selected from the universe of all investable global selection without restriction companies those who have a significant share of business in one of these sectors. Then a liquidity filter is applied, which requires a minimum market capitalization of 500 million US dollars and an average daily trading volume of at least $ 500,000. The review of index criteria is carried out regularly on a quarterly basis; the ten sectors are just as equally weighted as the shares within a sector. To Index Start on 11/23/2015 98 shares in the index are included. The certificate of the UBS, which the development of the Global Alpha 8 Disruptive Technology Index in the ratio 1: 1 mapping, is traded at any tradable under ISIN DE000UBS1RU1, its annual management fee is 1.2 percent. Investors assume an exchange rate risk, as at present, but noted most of the index components in US dollars, the certificate in euro

ZertifkateReport Upshot:. Diversified on the technical standards of tomorrow and beyond set – which allows the present index certificate. Investors invest here but not in low-capitalized start-ups, but consistently in the highly capitalized global players in these sectors. The risk should therefore correspond approximately to that of a market-wide technology index

Author:. Thorsten Welgen

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