Monday, December 14, 2015

French manufacturer Beam offers interesting CLAD technology –

Be A dditive M anufacturing or Beam has evolved the LMD technology.

Under the name CLAD the LMD technology, Laser Metal Deposition, by the company BEAM was developed further. And in an interesting way. Across the printhead Metal powder is fed and melted via a laser. The print head can move in X, Y and Z-axis. In addition, the pressure bed is movable in several axes. Thus, the CLAD “print head” on five axes print just around the corner, without having to rely on support structures.

In addition, existing components can be clamped. These can be added or repaired with the printhead details. The manufacturers also indicates the lack of a powder bed, as in SLS technology used to work free of space limitations.

This year, more than 800 pieces have been repaired for air navigation systems of Beam. The partners of Beam was able to increase sixfold the lifetime of the components of 10,000 flight hours to 60,000 hours of flight time! . It could also certified for operation in aviation parts remain intact or be replaced

 mobile clad détourée Beam provides after more than 15 years developing two Equipment for the production of CLAD on. On the one hand the Mobile with a space of 400x250x200mm with default 3-axis control and option on 5-axis control.

On the other hand this year placed on the market Magic 2.0. This provides the 5-axis version by default a space of 1200x700x700mm and in the 3-axis version of a space 550x700x1400mm. Furthermore, you can equip the Magic 2.0 with an additional nozzle. This allows both CLAD “printheads” isolated work of one another, so as to increase productivity.


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