Sunday, December 20, 2015

Controversial technology is not used No Fracking in Zehdenick … – Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

Zehdenick . The state government has reiterated that all nature conservation law concerns were taken into account in the approval process for the planned natural gas exploration in the north of Upper Havel. This has led, among others to a significant reduction of the study area “Zehdenick-Nord”, the ministry said now at the request of Members of Parliament Isabelle Vandre (Left Party). Did the investors of the Dutch company Jasper Recources initially explore an area of ​​908 square kilometers, the area has been reduced after consideration previous opinions on 367 square kilometers. The project is focused on the exploration of conventional deposits. In addition, was expressly stated by the Company, that neither in the investigation nor in any possible future funding the controversial fracking technology is to be used, Vandre announced. The member of parliament said it would continue to support the process critically and pay attention to whether the commitments to dealing with sensitive natural areas are also complied with.

From Cindy Lüderitz


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