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Technology and Founder Centre Bitterfeld-Wolfen – way out of the crisis? – Central German newspaper

The TGZ Bitterfeld-Wolfen currently has an occupancy rate of about 50 . percent

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The chemical park is the second managing director for the loss-making technology and incubation center. The aim is to achieve a better marketing and more start-ups.


For the financially ailing Technology and Founder Centre (TGZ) Bitterfeld-Wolfen is help in sight: The Chemical Park will from January a second Managing places he intended to support the current conductor Kurt eavesdropping It is hoped that more start-ups and, ideally, an improvement in the economic situation

TGZ must be more successful

“The TGZ can play an important role when it comes to bring back more founders in the city. It just needs to be successful, “says chemical park manager Patrice Heine. “We believe that this create two managing more than one.” In an extraordinary meeting with the shareholders – the Anhalt-Bitterfeld and the city Bitterfeld-Wolfen – the use of the second manager was already decided. To whom it is doing, but will not be announced until early next year. Only so much: He is already working at the Chemical Park Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbH. The contract will apply from January.

The TGZ has long been a problem child. 1992 was launched to give-ups and young companies jumpstart. Main shareholder is the city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen: You pay an annual subsidy of around 211 000 euros, the county subsidizes 82 200 euros. But the TGZ writes higher losses, since slumped dramatically after a few corporate insolvencies years ago revenues. 2013 the deficit amounted to around 354 000 euros, last year there were 78 000 euros. At present, the utilization is at about 50 percent

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The loss-development had led early December to a request within the council:. Fraction SPD-Green applied to consider an exit of the district. The move was rejected.

The acquisition of shares by the Chemical Park was talking. Why this was not successfully, to the parties not comment. The second manager is now to “take place at the point where it is necessary” support, so Heine. The concept would be reviewed, marketing and networks are to be used and expanded better. “We can bring in our experience and contacts as a chemical park GmbH, which is precisely what we do anyway. But we think from now on the TGZ with and want to make it better together. This also means that we need to go outside more occur together with the device. When I speak, for example, at events for the chemical park, then the TGZ has a role to play “

. Foundation of Companies in focus

Within the next two years we expect is “significant effects”. The finances play a subordinate role. “Not a single TGZ works economically. And it goes basically to economic development, to the creation of businesses, “said Heine.

The activities of the other managing director is created for an indefinite period and will be financially supported by the Chemical Park. Heine also emphasizes: “Nothing has been put over. All parties have fully agreed. “The further development should now be closely watched. “The point is, ultimately, whether we can achieve more with the TGZ than without. This is now being tested. When adjust after a certain time no effects, we also need to react to it. “

would be a withdrawal of the shareholders an option? “Basically, a withdrawal as a shareholder is always an option. In but excluding the council is “, according to the county administration. On personnel matters and hoped for effects will not comment you look. The city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen is a better networking and cooperation with local businesses. “The city is based on an already begun improving the overall situation,” said Carolin Herrmann from the press office. “The measures introduced by the bodies measures are starting to bear. With determination of results in 2016, these bodies are optionally decide on further action “(MZ)


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