Monday, December 7, 2015

Computer Week Webcast Why Security is more than just technology – Computer Week

Security is not a purely technological issue.
Security is not a purely technological . Question
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Technology has already good protection in security issues for companies as well as for their customers. However, the best solutions do not interfere without constantly updated expertise. Therefore, the concept of Security Intelligence outlines the knowledge, where managers need ever look for hazards. The aim is then to recognize early enough

These Detlev fool, Senior Consultant Threat Intelligence Services at Kaspersky Lab:. Help Security Intelligence Services, to compensate lack of skills within the team. By “security awareness” of employees, companies can increase their security very efficient today.

fool leads the one a webcast of the Computer Week on December 8 to 11 in. He describes how discover many cyber threats and can comprehensively analyze. The target group is the way not only Kaspersky Lab customers. The moderation of the webcast via nimme Detlef Korus of the Computer Week.

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