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Innovative power recovery technology reduces downtime … – PresseBox (Pressemitteilung)

             ABB, a global leader in energy supply and Automation, the new high-voltage direct current connection between the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea and the Finnish mainland to Åland Kraftnät, the transmission system operator passed. Before handing ABB was the black start-failure recovery functionality, a key feature of HVDC solution (high-voltage direct current – English: High Voltage Direct Current, HVDC) ABB successfully simulate. The real-time simulation was carried out in the early morning hours, while the power was deliberately cut off and then restored with the help of an automatic start sequence.

The Åland Link transmits power between the Finnish mainland and the island group between the Finnish west coast and the Swedish east coast is situated. The connection will allow the integration of renewable energy sources and provide clean electricity for 28,000 inhabitants.

With the black start function recovery time can be reduced during operation on fractions of a second. When this function is integrated into HVDC Light® technology of ABB, it performs an intelligent and controlled current feed through into the net to make the system more quickly operational. As the Åland simulation shows that black start system also then the power supply can recover in less than five minutes if the connection is not in active operation – that is many times faster than is possible without this innovative feature. It also replaces the local need for an auxiliary power supply, for example, by diesel generators, and eliminates the use of expensive and carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

The simulation should show how ABB technology could restore power after a complete power failure. Such a power outage would be a worst-case scenario for the isolated islands, and it would be a lengthy and complicated process required to restore power with traditional technology.

“We are delighted to hand over this project, and to demonstrate the innovative black start function that we have embedded in our HVDC spikes technology that represents a focus of the Next Level strategy of ABB, “said Patrick Fragman, director of the division Grid system, a part of the Power Systems Division ABB. “The connection will supply clean electricity and increase the security of electricity supply for the inhabitants. We are grateful that the community has supported us in the implementation of real-time simulation.”

The black start is a the many innovative features of HVDC Light solution from ABB, which are increasingly used in applications such as cross-border interconnections, integration of renewables or city feeds is used and strengthened the existing AC networks.

ABB has more than 110 HVDC Instructs -projects, since the company was a pioneer in this technology over 60 years ago. These projects have a total capacity of more than 120,000 megawatts and represent approximately half of the world’s installed base from. ABB HVDC in the 1990s developed through the introduction of a solution with voltage-fed inverters with the name of HVDC Light and is a leader in this technology. Meanwhile, 17 were supplied by 23 HVDC projects around the world for the commercial operation of ABB.

About the ABB AG

          ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies. The company enables its customers in the fields of energy, industry, transport and infrastructure, to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 140,000 people worldwide.


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