Monday, December 28, 2015

Uber, snapchat and Co .: The most promising technology start-ups – Wirtschaftswoche

Sanwal’s list does not claim to infallibility. “Of course not all of these 531 companies in 2016 to come to the stock market.” Although from the CB Insights tech IPO pipeline from the previous year were only 38 on the stock exchange. Together they recorded a 26 billion dollars. However, there was in 2015 no tech IPO, apart from the splitting of HP’s, which would not have been on the list.

The CB Insights analysis promotes some other interesting facts to light: The 531 publicly mature US start-ups have been together 89 billion get and other funds – dollar fresh capital from venture capital. There were 92 so-called mega-rounds of financing with a volume of more than 100 million dollars. The number of these mega-rounds has compared to 2015, more than doubled. Still 2011 there had been only seven such mega rounds, 2010 two

Unsurprisingly:. More than half of the IPO candidates (291 start-ups) are from California, followed by New York (64). Most of the money put in premarket electronic companies, namely an average of 139 million US dollars of venture capital

From theoretically possible 1000 points in the ranking reaching the software vendor Mule Soft and Okta, each with 910 points most. and the subscription and payment liquidators Zuora which expands just after Germany, with 880 points is considered to be very ready to go public.

Zuora was founded only in 2007, the Financial Services handles cash flows for subscriptions and analyzes the data for its clients, such as music streamer Spotify , video platform Netflix or publishers. Salesforce founder Marc Benioff is a prominent supporter of Zuora. The start-up was far from 17 different investors $ 243 million in a total of six rounds of financing. The company’s value is estimated at more than a billion dollars.

Equally promising Okta and MuleSoft. Okta from San Francisco offers security software. The business segment is very lucrative. With Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia are two of the most renowned venture capitalists on board. The platform of MuleSoft allows customers (excluding companies, no private customer business) via a programming interface (API) to combine different own and other software. The company already has customers in more than 60 countries, including about BMW and Boeing. Here, too, multi-billionaire Marc Benioff as an investor via Salesforce Ventures his finger in the pie. Overall, Mule has been able to secure 260 million US dollars in seven rounds of financing.


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