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New name: “Technology and business incubator WEST” is “FUBIC” – Adlershof online

to the news list 03. December 2015

New Name: “Technology and business incubator WEST” is

selection among 233 proposals from the competition

Press Release No. 48/2015

FUBIC -. the name receives the” technology and incubator WEST “which is to be developed on the site of the former US military hospital at the Fabeckstraße in Berlin-Dahlem.

The new name is the result of a competition, the project developer of FUBIC (WISTA-Management GmbH) had announced in May this year. Partners were the Freie Universität Berlin and the Regional Management southwest. The selection among the 233 proposals met on 24 November 2015 jury, which included representatives of the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, the district Steglitz-Zehlen¬dorf of Berlin and the economy in addition to the mentioned partners.

FUBIC is an abbreviation. It stands for “Business and Innovation Centre next to Freie Universität Berlin Campus”. The jury selected FUBIC because this shortcut is catchy, has a good sound, the Internet is easy to find and is suitable for communication in international sales. The first prize went to Henrike Morgenstern and is awarded with 1,000 Euro. The second prize (“Dahlem Innovation Labs”) was 500 euros, which places three to five (“Science2Business Campus Dahlem”, “FATEC” and “SWIB”) were each rewarded with 100 euro.

The future FUBIC is located on a 50,000 m² site. Its utilization concept envisages that there 60 to 80 companies may operate with around 600 employees. It will provide these professional environment at very favorable terms. The FUBIC oriented in its focus on the priorities mathematics and computer science, biology, chemistry and pharmacy, physics and medicine. The construction costs are estimated at 40 to 50 million euros. With the adoption of the development plan by the Borough Assembly of Steglitz-Zehlendorf is until the end of 2016 with a completion of FUBIC is expected end of 2020 / beginning of 2021 is expected. The other plots that dot the center, allow settlements for high-tech companies with approximately 400 employees. There Investments amounting to another EUR 80 million are expected to

Note:. Only names have been included in the selection process, the rights of third parties are free. The right of use of the doped with prizes name goes to the WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH. A right to permanent use of the name is therefore unfounded.

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