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Bad Arolsen (pts018 / 12.17.2015 / 13: 00) – In order to ensure maximum efficiency in energy production and use, planning of medical device manufacturers ALMO, in a plant for trigeneration investing , Was entrusted with the project, Hubert Niewels GmbH, a specialist for the technical building equipment. For the measurement, control and regulation technology partner resorted to innovative technology from Priva. Since commissioning of the plant ALMO benefits from a sustainable and environmentally friendly power generation, significantly reduced carbon emissions and significant savings in energy costs.

The ALMO-products – Erwin Busch GmbH with its headquarters in the Hessian town of Bad Arolsen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of disposable syringes for use in clinics, doctors’ offices and emergency services and in industry. As a subsidiary of B. Braun Melsungen AG of SMEs is part of a global medical technology company. 360 employees produce over two billion syringes per year and earn it an annual turnover amounting to 65 million euros. The product range includes more than 700 different syringe variants, including two- and three-piece syringes, syringes for insulin and the liver biopsy as well as custom sets for various medical applications. The company serves 126 countries around the reliability and security of the – often lifesaving – spraying to guarantee at all times shall ALMO special emphasis on the highest quality standards.

Model Energy Management

To prepare the spraying, the company processed more than 10,000 tons of plastic granulate annually. The production created enormous energy-intensive due to the high power and cooling requirements of the injection molding machines. Therefore ALMO practiced an active energy management, which forms an integral part of corporate policy. So the manufacturer is continuously working to improve the energy performance and to use the energy in the company efficiently. Based on the ISO standard DIN EN ISO 50001: 2011, the energy consumption are constantly monitored and checked the target achievement levels continuously. To improve energy efficiency further, ALMO decided to use a plant for trigeneration (CCHP). To this end, the company’s Hubert Niewels GmbH, a specialist for the technical building equipment, the planning of a corresponding plant commissioned.

Niewels created for this purpose a detailed energy concept, configured all system components, developed an economic forecasting and took over the detailed design of all trades. In addition, the partner for the assembly, installation and commissioning of systems for heating, refrigeration and plumbing, as well as for the electrical, instrumentation and control technology responsible. The overall concept includes a cogeneration (CHP), an absorption cold generator and an adiabatic hybrid dry coolers. For the control and regulation technology two Compri HX controller Priva with 185 data points and M-Bus / Mod-Bus connection were used.

Various modes optimize energy efficiency

In July 2014, the trigeneration plant went into operation. Since ALMO could significantly improve its energy efficiency. So can be realized with the entire system in three different modes, which also be guided by the respective season: When priority cooling the waste heat from the CHP is mainly used to produce through the absorption chiller refrigerant. Excess heat is not lost. It is fed by intelligent storage management in the heating system. This mode is used mainly in summer application.

In the colder months, however, the waste heat from the cogeneration is a priority for heating is available and flows directly into the heating system. The excess heat is passed through the memory management and an indirect power control to the absorption chiller. The third mode comes in very cold weather to use: Here, the waste heat from the cogeneration plants used exclusively for heat supply. If the outdoor temperature low enough, the recooler of absorption chiller for free cooling can be used. Here, enormous cost and energy saved since the cooling is carried out purely on the deep outside temperature and the absorption chiller can be turned off. <- sh_cad_6 ->

The individual operating modes make special demands on the control technology: So the priority cooling for efficient operation of an absorption chiller consistently high flow temperature is required. When priority heating the heat supply to the absorption refrigerating unit should be reduced to a minimum because most flows here, the waste heat of the CHP in the heating systems. The chilled water outlet temperature of the absorption refrigeration unit must always remain constant even in partial load operation.

Mapping of complex control technology requirements

“With the Compri HX controllers Priva can the complex regulatory technical requirements of the system optimally fulfill” confirms Jürgen Ressel, technical director of the department of energy and building management at the Hubert Niewels GmbH. “The technology provides the flexibility and extensive programming options to perform very complicated control strategies and functions quickly and easily. Thus, the temperature within the respective operating modes can be set individually and automatically kept constant.” Moreover, it is easily possible to operate the plant remotely monitor, make functional changes and intervene rapidly in disorders. All data and readings are collected over a long period with the software TC History, collected and stored in an SQL database. So are the data available for analysis and statistics. And last but not least convince the Priva components through simple handling, which reduces the need for training and thus the engineering costs.

savings of electricity costs and CO2 emissions

According to economic calculation, the combined heat and refrigeration and power installation will pay for itself in less than three years. So can be due to the absorption chiller the required amount of purchased electricity significantly reduce. Due to the flexible adaptation of the mode to the prevailing climatic conditions outside the trigeneration system allows an enormously energy-efficient operation. This can be reduced by 800,000 kilograms per year compared to conventional power generation of the carbon dioxide emissions of the entire system. This meets the high demands of ALMO to an environmentally friendly and sustainable production. The intelligent measurement, control and regulation technology Priva has a definitive interest in.


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