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Researchers develop home energy storage based on the vanadium redox … – SolarServer

A team of scientists of the EWE Research Centre NEXT ENERGY (Oldenburg) has succeeded in the vanadium redox flow technology for the cost-effective use in home energy storage systems develop.

The project was taken up as “outstanding start-up projects” in the “EXIST” -Forschungstransfer program of the BMWi and should in the next two years with the financial support of the Ministry and the European are Social Fund (ESF) was converted to a corporate foundation, reports Next Energy.

vanadium redox flow batteries are compared to other technologies much more durable

Under the name “Resiflow” wants the founding team around Jan large Austing based on the vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) a novel home energy storage produce, the cost-effective, environmentally friendly and is recyclable.

“In contrast to the lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries currently used in the home, the VRFB an extremely long service life of more than 15,000 full cycles – with the highest possible safety standards” says the project manager. “In addition, power and energy type of construction can be optimally scaled independently for each application. The individual components are non-flammable, so the systems are safe in terms of security. “The technology is based on different oxidation states of vanadium, which it is recyclable vanadium salts in the electrochemically active substances.

VRFB memory could solar power self-consumption share increase significantly

The scientists have succeeded in combining the positive material properties with an inexpensive method to increase the performance of the battery. In everyday use the VRFB memory could thus help to increase their own consumption share of self-generated solar power at up to 80 percent. This owner-occupation is given the progressively falling feed-in tariffs for photovoltaic electricity increasingly economically attractive.

VRFB technology should be made available for home users

So far the VRFB battery type is used because of its size and the cost exclusively as industrial bulk storage. Through the research of the founding team but battery technology has been achieved on a laboratory scale improvements which make accessible to the home user technology. An innovative composite Concept allows the cost-effective production critical system component. Volume and material usage are reduced considerably, so that an intelligent integration space in the home is to be possible.

01/12/2015 | Source: EWE Research Centre for Energy Technology e. V. | © Heindl Server GmbH

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