Monday, December 14, 2015

Thüga Group: Power to Gas technology is smart grid ready –

Munich / Frankfurt am Main (ots) – “With the integration of our system into a virtual Smart Grid * is a key step done, we have proved that the power to gas technology can disqualify differences between electricity generation and consumption intelligent and up. to the minute, “said Michael Riechel, CEO of Thüga Aktiengesellschaft. This autumn, the 13 partners of electricity to gas plant had first tested how the system behaves in an increasingly renewables dominated energy landscape. For this purpose, the Fraunhofer Institute had developed a software for real-time control for Solar Energy Systems. During the live operation Thüga electricity to gas plant with wind and solar plants, a cogeneration (CHP) and the electricity consumption by means of computer simulation in a virtual smart grid has been connected together. The power to gas plant has these automatically converted when too much current into hydrogen and fed. Too little power the connected CHP has used the stored energy for reconversion. This process was carried out automatically by the intelligent control software. “This result is crucial to leverage the power to gas technology for storing more abundant energy, because it fulfills its purpose only when it responds automatically to constantly changing conditions in the production and consumption,” explains Riechel. The integration of the ever-growing proportion of wind and solar power into the existing power supply is currently difficult, also because the supply fluctuates. Currently the surplus power to be increasingly governed because not enough memory is available. Only with sufficiently intelligent storage systems for renewable electricity can succeed the energy turnaround

* declaration virtual smart grid. The plants are real and run in real-time at different locations. Their expertise

In a project platform pooling 13 companies in the Thüga Group: the plants were interconnected not physically within a network, but virtually in a computer simulation

Power to Gas Project platform. and capital to jointly invest in the development of electricity to gas-storage technology. The focus is on examining the practicability of electricity to gas technology. The companies are convinced that this long term has the greatest potential to save the excess amounts of renewable energy. To this end, develop, build and operate the company for several years (2012 – 2016) together own demonstration plant in Frankfurt. The plant converts electricity into hydrogen and stores it into the gas distribution network. Overall, they will invest over 1.5 million euros. The project is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development and the European Union. Following the first phase of the project participants draw a second project into consideration, to be produced and fed into the synthetic from hydrogen and carbon dioxide, methane. More under

About Thüga:

have 560 cities and municipalities of responsibility for the living space of around ten million people their 100 local energy and water utilities in the Thüga Group incorporated. The aim is to create through cooperation added value for the individual habitat and to secure municipal levels sustainably. Overall, 17,700 people work in the Thüga Group. These provide 4.0 million customers with electricity, 2.1 million customers with natural gas and 0.9 million customers with drinking water. Sales of the Thüga Group was in 2014 at 21.6 billion euros. It is in Germany’s largest communal network of local and regional energy suppliers. In the Thüga Group, the roles are clearly defined: The 100 partners ensure the active market with their local and regional brands. Thüga – Capital Partners of cities and municipalities and in this function minority shareholders in the companies – has been commissioned as the core of the group with the entrepreneurial development: attracting new partners, capital preservation and development of the individual enterprise, coordination and facilitation of cooperation projects, and control in the . Group

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