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Technology From 02-05.12.2015 the International Robot Exhibition 2015 was held in Tokyo. Here was a glimpse into the future of technology will be thrown. Is this to be welcomed?

From 02-05.12.2015 the International Robot Exhibition 2015 was held in Tokyo. Here was a glimpse into the future of the technology to be thrown, which to put the guests in astonishment could In the Tocotronic song from 1995 it was on the same panel:. “Digital is better”, in the Sepultura Firecracker “Biotech is Godzilla”, appeared on “Chaos AD” 1993 already makes the text even at first hearing a much more skeptical and critical attitude towards modern technology hear. Specifically, it was about, however, to a very specific technology sector. This year, those week in which the character Marty Mc Fly has traveled to our year in the film occurred. It was in the course of comparisons between the technical achievements in the movie, so this year, as we have imagined it in the 80s of the last century and those that there are in fact nowadays. This year, another Terminator-part came out, the first part was also shot in the 80s and Byung-Chul Han has over the past year in the band “Psycho policy: Neoliberalism and the new power technologies ” usual his astute analysis of the “digital panopticon [s]” expressed in “salvation of beauty”, he also contributes his criticism of Facebook and Co. before.

The technique is for now a curse or a blessing from? If we did, to set straight in the face of the re-amplified gerückten during the UN World Climate Conference in Paris in focus Climate Change , no better off to less technology, since those always requires precious energy?

But we can easily do without the new technologies might no longer even. Z Udem are just like the here merely indicated disadvantages and the advantages of hand.

The smartphone, which always reach us can and make it transparent, evaluable objects of neoliberalism, can at the same time, as reported in a documentary about the station NHK World from 04.14.2015, with dementia who have lost their bearings, find and are also often an important link of people fleeing to those left behind and for those an important source of information.

Facebook is both a medium, talked to Han, completely relies on positivity and also a medium that monitors and is also used lately also to racist incitement. However, it is also the medium that helped quickly organize demonstrations during the Arab Spring. That Facebook politically from its origin, a “Western” is medium shows up every now and then, such as the response from Facebook on current events or even the simultaneous lack of response to other events. The new media will eventually form only a complex of numerous new technologies.

In the Sepultura song above states: “Bio-technology, Is not what’s so bad, like all technology, It’s in the wrong hands.” But what if the technology ends up in the right hands?

The open source movement is a t echnologieaffine movement that just contradicts the neo-liberalism. For her it’s all about participation and not about profit.

In the Terminator series to do it, as in many other movies or books to the competition between man and machine. The technique here is intelligent and an arrant enemy of man. It is different in the legendary Ghost in the Shell” series. In that manga and the anime adaptation also deals with artificial intelligence. But the friend-enemy line is different here. The real theme of the first Ghost in the Shell anime from 1995, is the question of the boundary between man and machine. The Ghost, basically a technical product, is able to reflect on themselves and to ask for his ego. Although our present computers and robots can both accomplish highly complex computing power than learn by adapting and run previously arranged commands, but this has the human intelligence, which just enables to that reflection, to do rather little.

Our Technology may be able to evaluate a bundle of data to process information and react based on these. But all this is ultimately stupid and dependent on appropriate input.

Technology may be far superior to us in intelligence in no way, however, can sometimes, for example, in the case of the use of nuclear energy, out of control -. just here with devastating consequences

She makes in the case of robots work processes, which are carried out by people, superfluous, in the case of drones takes over the art and deadly jobs just like those Terminator.

Robots can just help where people are unable to carry out work processes alone.

Just in this country, in an outspoken technology country prevails, apart from a few industries, such as those of the aerospace engineering, a rather conservative understanding of art before. “Hipster”, always use the latest mobile phones and computer products are not necessarily viewed with benevolence, there is reluctance to green technology that was not yet supposedly profitable or anyway ineffective, but one swears like gasoline on traditional achievements and diesel-powered cars , The VW scandal is also an expression of this attitude.

In the broadcast on NHK World show “Samurai Wheels”, which of course is aimed mainly on advertising for Japanese cars, as well as Japan as a tourist destination, however, are almost regularly innovative presented cars which will help promote the mobility of some elderly or like the Toyota Mirai

are relatively environmentally friendly. Even if we do not completely eliminate the use of motorized vehicles and instead walk and ride a bike, it is climate neutral, as is the practice at the moment mostly. The power supply could be made far more environmentally friendly innovations. Through appropriate rehabilitation at the University buildings in Germany alone a significant proportion to climate neutrality would be already done.

It is unrealistic that we return to the agrarian society or a society without division of labor, or differentiation of labor. But we must not be ruled by technology. W hen it is used according to sensible and ethical standards, it can even make our lives easier even further and dispense the same time to strengthen the exploitation of our resources.

A fundamentally pessimistic attitude towards modern technology is proving to be conservative and design unwillingly.

Smart devices need not necessarily be the trademarks of neoliberalism, they can be used in the spirit of the people beyond the interests of the market.


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