Wednesday, February 25, 2015

wikifolio of the Week: yield advantage through technology – Finanzen100

Today 12:39 Finanzen100

 This week's wikifolio week successfully focuses on American IT companies such as Google.
This week’s wikifolio week successfully focuses on American IT companies such as Google. (Photo: AP)

tech stocks are in demand in the current rally like never before – since the dotcom bubble, the sentiment towards the sector has namely been fundamentally changed. With our wikifolio week investors may invest easily in the strongest papers of the sector.


investors are investing not just out of the blue. Wikifolio traders Wilfried Schopges can look back on more than 20 years of investment experience. In addition Schopges is in his wikifolio “Succestecbrands” not to small, speculative values, but remains at veteran and reliable trading companies, mainly in the IT sector. So involves wikifolio such as the proportion of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Schopges bases his trading decisions primarily on financial news and market analyzes from the Internet allows the investor but at no time in the dark: Any purchase or sale of Schopges is commented in his wikifolio. In the compilation and diversification of wikifolios polishes Schopges way nonstop – trades because there are very regularly, about every two to three weeks

. The past performance of wikifolios testament to the strength of the US tech shares. Since its creation in March 2013 laid the wikifolio by 74 percent – these are a few percent lead over the last wikifolios week. However, the maximum loss of 11.47 percent was slightly higher. Until now investors have invested around € 43 000 in the wikifolio certificate “Succestecbrands”.


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