Sunday, February 22, 2015

New technology reinforced steel tenfold – German Mittelstand News

A new method can enhance the stability of steel tenfold. Bridges and motors could hold so much longer than before. Cars lighter and thus could be saving fuel.

A cost-efficient new production process, the stability of steel reinforcing tenfold. Other metals are thus get a much higher corrosion resistance. Bridges and motors could hold so much longer than before, cars could be lighter and thus more fuel-efficient without losing stability. A stable infrastructure could save cities and towns billion to repair and maintenance costs.

A startup from Seattle named Modumetal has developed the method. In marketing, the company collaborates with various oil companies.

Some parts of the technology were tested for oil fields. In particular, for this industry, the material is interesting because some oils contain highly corrosive chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, which damage the production equipment quickly. Thus, the oil production by the new technology could be cheaper, so the magazine Technology Review. Diesel engines are also a possible application, since the material is particularly exposed to high pressure.

The advantage is based on controlling the structure of metals on a nano scale. Previously this was only possible under enormous cost and only for small parts. According Modumetal their system does not cost more than conventional electroplating. For this purpose, we use an advanced form of electro-plating. In this case, a metal is placed in a chemical bath with various metal ions. Add to that power, the ions are excited to form a metal alloy.

This process Modumetal has clarified so that by changing the power supply at the right moment a variety of ions react and so few nanometers produces thin layers can be. The coating process also prevents cracks continue through the entire material. As the MIT Technology Review magazine reported this method requires extremely precise physical and chemical knowledge, precision and timing. The work was “really impressive,” the magazine quotes the material experts and university professor David Lashmore.

Not only metals have amazing properties. The following video shows a compilation of the ten strongest materials on the planet:

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