Sunday, February 22, 2015

iiyama presents two new Open Frame LFDs with 12-point multi-touch … – Prad

Iiyama presented with the 32 inch ProLite TF3237MSC-B1AG and the 42 inch ProLite TF4237MSC-B1AG two new Open Frame LFD with full HD resolution in a chic slim design with durable frameless glass front, each equipped with a 12-point PCAP multi-touch technology and anti-glare
coating. The ProLite TF3237MSC-B1AG is equipped with a AMVA LED panel. In contrast to standard TN panel technology AMVA ensures high contrast and excellent color brilliance even at wide viewing angles. The ProLite TF4237MSC-B1AG with 42-inch screen has an IPS Direct LED panel. Also this gives superior color brilliance and high contrast with a large viewing angles.

Both Large format displays are equipped with anti-glare coating, which significantly reduces reflections from external light sources. The reproduction of color, contrast and sharpness should remain optimally even when exposed to light. Anti glare makes the screen also less susceptible to dust, grease and dirt particles. Both displays are as open frame models equipped with external brackets and can be seamlessly integrated into terminals, kiosks or other furnishings

iiyama ProLite TF4237MSC-B1AG (Photo: Iiyama)

iiyama ProLite TF3237MSC-B1AG and iiyama ProLite TF4237MSC-B1AG both operate on the basis of the projective-capacitive multi-touch technology (PCAP) and offer multitouch with up to 12 points of contact. This iiyama want to take into account the trend towards more interactivity and complex application scenarios and multi-user interactions.

PCAP combines robustness with touch performance as they touch technology does not work on the basis of pressure sensitivity, but uses a sensor network of micro-fine wires which are integrated as a transparent coating in the glass surface. By pressureless touching the disc electrical signals are changed by the touch position can be calculated exactly. Since the screen surface with PCAP does not have to be elastic, this technology is ideal for continuous use (24/7) in demanding environments in public spaces. The 4.45 mm thick front glass of the terminal with a hardness of 7H extremely robust and guarantees high durability and scratch resistance. By the way, is the touch functionality of projective-capacitive display also intact, should be if the cover glass on the screen scratched or dirty.

Both monitor models are now available commercially. The iiyama ProLite TF3237MSC-B1AG is at a suggested retail price of € 1,449.00 (incl. VAT.) Available, the ProLite TF4237MSC-B1AG costs 1.859,00 EUR (incl. VAT.).

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