Thursday, February 5, 2015

HealthKit: More and more US hospitals rely on the technology – Macerkopf – Apple news from Cupertino

In June last year for the first time Apple has spoken about Health and HealthKit. The new iOS app for 8 health and fitness data collects the information that is selected from his various health apps and fitness equipment and provides a current overview in one place. iOS 8 gives developers the health and fitness apps can communicate with each other. Subject to the consent of the user, any use app-specific information from other apps to allow a more comprehensive type of health and fitness management.


For example, the blood pressure of a user app to share their data with the app a health professional such as the Mayo Clinic app, so that the doctor can provide the best health advice and care. On this day, Reuters reports to Word and reported that 14 of the 23 top hospitals in the US HealthKit already using or will soon launch.

Assuming that patients agree that their data by HealthKit with be exchanged hospitals, this is an easy way to document data etc. for the blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse, weight and monitored. Incipient diseases to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible in this way.

The Apple Watch, which put on the market in April, promises many new data collected by HealthKit. Currently it is said by Apple that over 600 developers now implement HealthKit in their apps. Google and Samsung have introduced in recent months similar technologies. While Apple already demonstrates numerous partnerships with hospitals, Google and Samsung are still in initial discussions


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