Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SAP share: Software Group provides its products to new technology-based to – Exchange Online

The new product uses developed by SAP Hana technology can process large amounts of data in real time. Companies have links with the suite “S / 4hana” much faster than before date data as basis for decisions at hand and could simplify operations, McDermott said. In addition, the user interface is so improved and the amount of data required has been reduced so much that managers use the programs can go a smartphone. The new software will make it easier for companies to develop with the recent thrust of digitization in the economy, new business models.

The new product is introduced SAP co-founder and Executive Chairman Hasso Plattner in New York. In his research Institute in Potsdam Hana had been develop ed. Plattner stressed the advantages of the new IT architecture for the customer: “We can put everything in a system that is a huge cost savings,” he said. An advantage is also that the user can choose whether to install the programs on their own computers or access the software in a cloud version over the Internet.

The innovation should therefore continue to drive the development of cloud-Business at SAP. By 2020, SAP wants to take a total turnover 26-28 billion euros, around eight billion euros with the rental software. As the cloud products only in the long term yield more than the traditional license software, SAP had scaled back its profit forecast for the coming years recently. For business potential of S / 4hana McDermott said nothing.



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