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Technology for consumers: How SAP footballer and buyers controls – Stuttgart News

SAP is the world’s largest maker of business software. But the Baden-Württemberg IT Wrought also developed many products that use the consumers.

With data better football

possession, contacts with the ball, ball retention time, challenges won, running speed, running track: audience know how these terms of football transfers. The sport has become a high-tech sports data, and SAP plays in some clubs already on the training pitch with


Sensors stuck in belts under the T-shirts or in the shin guards of the players, the data is transmitted in real time to SAP’s Hana database – where they are analyzed and visualized and sent to a smartphone or PC. In real time the coach can give players feedback. Or use the data in preparation for the upcoming opponent


“Match Insights” was, for example, the SAP program, the DFB used at the World Cup in Brazil. From millions of data could for example analyze himself and his next opponent, each player with an app on the tablet. Matching scenes are available at your fingertips. Thanks a similar analysis, the German team was able to reduce the average time between reception of the ball and release from 3.4 to 1.1 seconds within a few years, they say. The application possibilities are almost unlimited. In the future, for example, could the cabin Speaking at half-time following a data-based tactics change


The Buyer’s Guide for the supermarket

Some customers know that already, you have a smartphone app with which they identify themselves at the entrance of the store for their favorite department store. Apps like these also offers SAP, they function as personal purchasing consultant. The app can be, for example, display information about the white wine bottle or playing a discount on the phone, so that the customer accesses at the cheese counter to the appropriate Camembert


The app knows the preferences and purchase history of customers and proposes to change before the candy shelf in front of a chocolate variant or remembering at the drugstore products because it probably needs a new toilet paper. “Precision Marketing” is called. It works in real time, merge virtual and real worlds

SAP provides the trade and the software for the logistics of goods available and supported as the way of individual products, such as Nutella. “We take care of it that the ingredients be purchased so that the mixture is running in production, that it is bottled and delivered that it is re-ordered in the supermarket on the shelf and that they will be charged at checkout, “said SAP’s technology expert Rolf Schumann.

Customized Cancer Treatment

How to cure cancer effectively? As tumors differ, cancer patients have to be treated as individually as possible. 12,000 patients a year are treated at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg. The NCT offers patients in the future a genetic analysis of cancer cells, and recommends building on therapy.

In addition to the genomic data discharge summaries, laboratory results and radiological findings with a flow. In addition, the global data is compared by similar treatments.

SAPs Turbo database Hana helps to look at the huge different amounts of data coherently and analyze within a very short time. The hope of medical students: The effectiveness of therapy can be assessed better – especially when standard therapies have been exhausted

The rate of treatment success could even now increasing by less than 35 per cent to 75 to 85 percent.. Patients can also am treated more gently because they get less and more tailored drugs. The tailor cancer treatment is currently running in clinical trials. Later, they should be part of routine care.

The tablet on a visit

Of course, consumers are also at work with SAP software in touch. The latest variant SAP presented before a few days ago. It is based on the Turbo database Hana, the analyzes in real-time guarantees. With it, the business needs to be assessed more accurately and faster, which will help you save money and time

Example sales. The business software sales staff has prepared information about the customer, for example, which orders and complaints, there has been or which jobs are still open. These data are analyzed, for example from our own database and from social networks. Ideally, the sales staff has structured all knowledge and visualized at hand. It can also provide a travel request, expense bill or submit supporting documents with the business software.

The same goes for a director. He gets the balance not only the quarterly financial statements, but every day at one click. In principle, the Group Manager via tablet on the go can control the shops around the world. He knows how great the demand and supply are how far the suppliers are or how commodity prices affect the production. Ideally, he noticed so before, how the market will develop


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