Friday, February 6, 2015

Shinra Technologies explains remote rendering – Gulli

Shinra Technologies was founded last year by the famous japan Sichen games company Square Enix. The future lay in cloud gaming and is exactly what the new studio focused.


Games centrally calculated


Shinra James Mielke now explained more accurate to what you are working in the studio. Cloud gaming is something that is mentioned time and again by Spielesutios. Shinra Technologies would like to outsource the entire process on Super Server. Here, a supercomputer operates many individual clients that take care of the gameplay code and rendering. All this takes place bundled in one place. This is to all the calculations that passes a game, taking place at the same time.


This should make it easier for developers to create multiplayer games and modes. Developers need not program your own network codes more and then see if they are any good enough to allow a certain number of players in the game at the same time. The Shinra technology that allows to develop games without having to worry about many many clients you can synchronize with each other. Since everything is calculated from a central location, you have to open only one kind of window for the pla yers. This should be very stable and open up completely new possibilities.


In addition, also is the fact that you can do your central power intensive calculations also. This should be possible graphically and physically completely new things. The calculations and rendering are physically separated. As a result, images are rendered by a separate process, while the CPU cares for example, things like physics. The developer shall ensure that all components are always working at 100 percent. On a home PC as the graphics card shifts down if no complex graphics are calculated. This is basically lost computing power that can fully exploited in Shinra. So you can share between each game instances the resources also. In an instance are more players on the way, more computing power is fed into them.


Currently located Shinra Technologies in discussions with several development studios to soon be able to offer games that will take advantage of the new te chnology. Eventually, the technology is also used for future MMOS by Square Enix. / Ab


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