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Record year for technology IPOs – – The news portal for engineers

In September 2014, China’s Internet giant Alibaba went for $ 21.8 billion in the stock market. Overall, the global carbon revenues in the technology sector in 2014 compared to the previous year by 347% and the number of deals rose 84%. This is the result of the “Global Technology IPO Review” of the accounting and consulting firm PwC.

In Europe, the emission revenues increased $ 1.5 billion (2013) to $ 6.7 billion massively. The largest contribution came from the UK market with issue proceeds of 3.2 billion US dollars. The number of deals almost doubled from eight to 15. This was followed in 2013 marked trend reversal to previous years, where in Europe both proceeds and listings had fallen year on year. In the fourth quarter of 2014. came two of the world’s largest deals in Europe (Rocket Internet AG in Germany and Cnova from the Netherlands). Overall, it moved to Europe technology companies from eight countries on the stock exchange; in the previous year, there were only five.

Last but not least, thanks to the IPO of Alibaba Group Internet was in 2014 and the comeback year of Chinese tech IPOs. They dominated clearly the global emission events and outdated in the number of listings even the USA (China: 45 USA: 37). With the proceeds Chinese enterprises played nearly 30 billion dollars, just 1 billion dollars last year.

However, the US stock markets held its leading position in technology IPOs with 56 listings. In the US, NYSE dominated with 15% more technology IPOs than the Nasdaq, which was also the fact that Alibaba has there taken its initial public offering because of the softer Listing Rules and not in China. A total of US $ 7.9 billion company played a (2013: $ 7.5 billion)

But not only China, Europe and the United States had the primary market.. Companies outside the US, China and Europe gathered in 2014 a total of $ 7.5 billion with new shares. In the fourth quarter, for example, were among tech companies from Australia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa and South Korea. Three of the ten largest IPOs were from outside the three major markets, but the one-half came from countries outside of China or the USA. Against this background, the number of cross-border listings rose sharply. For listings outside the home country the US stock markets were still the most important trading center

Within the sub-segments was 2014 -. As in previous years – the Internet and software front. Companies in this sector contributed 79% of total proceeds and put 69% of deals. But numerous companies in the semiconductor sector went public after China has lifted the ban of semiconductor IPOs

The current year is expected to be strong. For 2015, PwC expects IPO activity at the level of 2014 especially in the fourth quarter equal to 34 IPOs were recorded after 18 in the previous quarter. Werner Ballhaus, Partner and Head of Technology at PwC, said: “The environment is also good in the current year. The demand for lucrative business remains high in a market characterized by low interest environment, desperately looking at the investors for attractive investment opportunities. Especially for private equity houses offers next to the IPO of its subsidiaries is the direct sale to a strategic investor as an alternative. Many companies are sitting on large cash holdings which they use to grow and make strategic investments. This is particularly true for technology companies. “


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