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KANPUR, India. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 24/02/2015 –

MKU, a leading manufacturer of armor solutions for individuals and vehicles and planes, introduces the new RHT trailblazing technology for helmets, the soldiers offers double protection. It protects soldiers from bullets and shrapnel and reduced so loud tests that were performed by HP White Laboratory in the US, from the impact of bullets and splinters resulting in the helmet shell trauma by over 40% (compared to standard helmets).

“The impact of trauma resulting at helmets can be dangerous and cause serious types of head and skull injuries. This is a common and growing concern of the armed forces around the world. This revolutionary technology, the cases of such injuries are significantly curbed, “said the manager, Neeraj Gupta

The helmets are first shown as part of the IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi and beyond to the HomSec -. Madrid, SMES – Lebanon, LAAD – Brazil and the Expo Seguridad -. Mexico issued

Also on the IDEX 2015, issued a series of injuries and vehicle and aircraft armor products, in which the 6th generation of armor technology is used which was recently introduced by MSE. These solutions are 40% lighter, thinner and more flexible compared to standard solutions available on the market. This substantial weight reduction provides soldiers with more maneuverability, speed, durability and maneuverability in fulfilling their missions.

MKU’s technology leader, it has always set itself the goal to develop lighter and more flexible ballistic protection solutions for the modern soldier , Body armor with the latest Gene 6 armor technologies Ammoflex 6 and Polyshield 6, produced were also on display at the show. These are lighter by up to 40% and offer excellent protection even with several strikes (multi-hit protection). They meet the strict standards NIJ 0101.06 and VPAM and offer the soldiers freedom of movement, flexibility and comfort. Such solutions are ideal for special forces, who need to run fast missions.

Over the years MKU has introduced several breakthrough products, where advanced technology is used. These include Instavest, body armor with quick release, and the Boltfree technology for helmets. MKU was founded in 1985 and has come up already for protection on 1.5 million soldiers and more than 1,500 vehicles and aircraft. The company’s products are used by more than 230 armed forces in more than 100 countries, including the United Nations and NATO.

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