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Jawbone: Google is considering joining fitness Bracelet Maker – Business Week

Till Daldurp

Jawbone makes bracelets, measure the pulse, step number and duration of sleep of its users. Now Google thinks about it, to invest in the US producers.

The US Internet giant Google is considering, according to a media report a stake in fitness encoder manufacturer Jawbone. The search engines think about a “strategic investment” in Jawbone after, the technology blog Recode reported on Wednesday, citing familiar with the plans people.

Fitness Tracker and Cell Phone Repair: What smartwatches can

  • If the clock is smart

    Until a few years ago telephones and computers the size of a wristwatch were just fiction -” Knight Rider “Greetings. But the chips become smaller, more powerful and cheaper. Thus, devices such as smart watches in the first place is technically feasible and affordable.

  • trend “Wearable Computing”

    Smart Watches are part of a trend: Computers are becoming smaller and more convenient in transportation. In addition to intelligent watches, there are about a health bracelets and eyeglasses that are upgraded with information technology. Google Glass is a well known example. The technology industry speaks of “Wearable Computing” – and hopes for a growth market

  • addition to the smartphone …

    What the heck is a SmartWatch? The concept is difficult to grasp. Basically, there are two categories. Most models do not work on its own, but as an extension to the smartphone and show appointments, e-mails or incoming calls. The data is transmitted via Bluetooth in general.

  • … and replacement for mobile phones

    While most smartwatches are an extension for smartphones, to a few models replace the phone completely. You have a wireless module that calls and transferring data allowed. This applies, for the Gear S from Samsung.

  • wizard and hands-free

    The units are equipped differently. Some act as discrete secretaries – they remind you of appointments, show incoming e-mails and announce phone calls. Other suitable as a kit or as a compact navigation device. . Among athletes are popular special devices that measure the pulse, and distance

  • The battery as a weakness

    The runtime for all smartwatches a problem: Because the devices are so small, can also be stored in any large battery. Therefore, many models are not particularly hardy – depending on which display technology is used

  • start-ups and companies

    Several companies have already expressed smartwatches on the market – start-ups such as global corporations. The small suppliers, the company Pebble, which has secured its initial funding through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter counts. The IT giant Sony has already introduced the third generation of its computer clock out, Samsung has developed the Galaxy Gear, the chip maker Qualcomm manufactures the Toq. In April 2015, the Apple Watch comes out.

  • Difficult forecast

    How are young markets is difficult to predict – the predictions for smartwatches widely. While about market research firm IDC predicts rapid growth, Forrester and NPD DisplaySearch expect a speedy cooling of the market.

Currently, the two companies are not yet united and led only preliminary talks. Google does not want to completely take over the American producer of fitness bracelets in every case. The possible magnitude of an investment is not yet known

For a long time there is speculation about an introduction Google at the encoder manufacturer. The search engine giant pushes into the wearables market, precisely because rival Apple with its own SmartWatch is launched in April. Plans for a separate device has not yet submitted Google, a collaboration with Jawbone could now mean the entry into the hardware business. It is also conceivable that the two companies are working together to fitness apps.

Jawbone has in recent years as a manufacturer of fitness established bracelets and is jointly owned with Fitbit to the size of the industry. After his last financing round Jawbone is worth more than three billion dollars.

(Using material from Reuters)


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