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From Tussi alarm to technology –

Second screen use does not always work as well as social TV stations want

Motto: Tussi Alert In a recent broadcast of “Brain + Buddy” must be a young man with red lipstick on her face even the legs depilate. With wax strips. Ouch. The format will be broadcast in the program of Joiz Germany, an interactive social television channel, the TV for all under 30 makes. The program encourages viewers to participate actively on the second screen, so for example on the screen of their smartphones Comment seen before.

However, social television in the past has arrived not good. In the summer, the German Social-TV channels Tunedin and Zapitano reported in quick succession to insolvency. The reason: The second-screen market has not developed as expected. Joiz Germany also did not work: The station became insolvent December 2014. Apparently, the parent company of Joiz Germany does not want the program will also pursue the contrary. The Swiss Joiz Group is now rather on their newly established technology division Joiz Global. The other television stations to sell marketing tools for social television


As a result, Joiz used partly based on their core business from. Although the Social TV stations in Switzerland seems to be working, but the insolvent German subsidiary has now radically reduce their team. Of the last 65 employees in Germany Joiz apparently about half will have to go. A spokeswoman told the media magazine DWDL that one “with less than half of the employees negotiating termination agreements” lead. According to article also takes Managing Director Carsten Kollmus escape, leaving the battered station at his own request to the end of the month. Founder and Director Joiz group, Alexander Mazzara is Kollmus’ take on tasks

In the self-administered insolvency Joiz Germany is now trying to restructure itself.: on free TV is no longer broadcast, the program will run only over the Web and IPTV . CEO Mazzara made the GfK-rate detection for the bankruptcy is responsible: “Joiz TV formats especially enjoy the Web and in the social media is highly relevant. Unfortunately, this high priority for the young target group are not displayed in the range and ratio measurement. “This means you can have its importance for marketers not able to demonstrate why the advertising revenues have remained far below expectations. The Television Research on whose behalf ratings are collected, rejected criticism of themselves.

During the construct of Joiz Germany is crumbling, the Swiss parent seems not to rely on the techology division of Joiz group. Joiz Global was founded in 2014 and mainly takes care of it, to expel marketing solutions . Here is a marketplace connected with personalized advertising, and there is the so-called “Red Button” to integrate the transmitter into their program. Lights on the button, viewers can be active on the second screen and join in for example, competitions. This is to close the gap between TV, online and and mobile. The technology is marketed as a licensing model. One of the first German customer has recently become the M. DuMont Verlag, which plans to use the instruments at the local station Cologne TV

Joiz Global gets in the course of growth a new managing director. Samuel Gähwiler, previously controller of the Digital range in the largest Swiss media company Tamedia, will lead the financial management and daily business at Joiz Global. It is also intended to help, among other business partners here, “to optimize their products and services and to monetize innovative way.” Maybe he looks because once Joiz in Germany by

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