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Brain flight technology: Thought control of commercial aircraft in the future … – future trends

The combination of neural thoughts with the control of modern robot shows how advanced the technology already is. Researchers from the Portuguese Brain flight project is recently being able to control unmanned flying objects managed solely by the power of thought. The technology required is derived from the company Tekever.


drone by thought control via BBC

drones flying through the power of thought

2012 succeeded already researchers at Zhejiang University in China drones with simple thoughts and through the help of electroencephalography headsets (EEG ) to control. A project of the University of Minnesota showed parallel that drones can also be directed by the opening and closing of the fists. The latest developments in brain Flight tie in with the EEG technology. As an interface between the thoughts of pilots and drone acts an EEG cap. This measures the brain waves and transmits the shared and translated by the thoughts signals to the flying object. After some practice, the pilots were to be able to take off and land the drone. In addition, the navigation succeeded through the air. The goal is to be able to control one day commercial aircraft by thoughts.


Airplanes intuitive control

Asking be able to control a large passenger plane one day with the idea, one hand represents a great attraction for researchers. Secondly, in this case, however, a lot of potential danger is anchored, which applies to eradicate it by getting better functioning technologies. However Tekevers Chief Operating Officer Ricardo Mendes is confident and believe strongly that the future of aviation can be revolutionized by the new technology. Finally, can be relieved and thus increases the security level by thought control and the pilots. Flying a plane is to one day as simple and intuitive hand such as running and racing. Other areas of application of the new technology provides Mendes in the field of thought control cars, boats and trains

Source:. BBC


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