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Guest Column: Technology – financial life insurance for your future? – Finanzen100

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 Gerd hackers, Head of Portfolio Management at Huber, Reuss & amp; colleagues asset management, explains how to select tech stocks
Gerd hackers, Head of Portfolio Management at Huber, Reuss & amp; Colleagues asset management, explains how to select tech stocks (© Huber, Reuss & amp; colleagues)

technology is changing our world increasingly – both in consumption and in production. Who do not invest as an investor in this segment, you risk being left behind in the long term from this development. But how and where to invest? An ingeniously simple strategy defines the way the technology leaders of the future

Smartphones, iPads and apps are out of our everyday almost inconceivable without. in the industry optimize new intelligent machines increasingly Production: This technical developments take place in ever faster pace. This will not be without consequences for many people. Many jobs will be replaced in the future with new systems and technologies; these redundancies can be found in the highly competitive service again suffering from severe pressure on wages. If you look at the evolution of wages in the US, is the first evidence of this trend.

technology uses many industries in compression

On the other hand, traditional businesses can hold less and less with this development. The markets of the future will be dominated by companies that have unique expertise and contact applications derived from other sectors under strong competitive pressure. A prominent example is about the new payment systems from companies like Apple or Paypal, the banks make the business dispute. And many retail stores in our inner cities close because customers prefer to order via Internet platforms like Amazon, with corresponding consequences for many commercial properties. The bottom line can be said that the companies have no choice but to invest in future technologies if they want to survive. The money collect the few technology leader.

What trends are in ten years the tone?

For investors, the question arises: Which technology of Business will be in five or ten years will set the tone and thus unite the majority of the profits to themselves? Can we ever make today? Those who are pure in this analysis relies on technological aspects, it is likely to have heavy. Finally, good solutions are often implemented rapidly and displaced after a short period of even better ideas of the competitors. Therefore, this method is only suitable to predict who will occupy the leading positions in a few years.

Capital Market points the way to the winners

Fortunately, the capital market itself an excellent way to identify the technological trendsetter and to take part in them, the Nasdaq 100 index. This index contains the 100 companies listed on the US Nasdaq companies with the highest market capitalization, excluding financial firms. By this criterion, the index filters out those companies who are establishing themselves as winners of technological development. Because only the companies with promising developments have a chance in this index “into elaborate.”

technology leaders are printing money

Anyone objecting, the Nasdaq 100 index is if it is analyzed classic, already highly valued, has indeed right, but does not earn any money with it. For it is quite conceivable that the index is precisely for this reason rated higher because he mentioned the development anticipates the next few years – and had investors little room for an optimum start. Thus, the ratings could increase further as market participants become aware of the current situation. In this case, large sums of money would flow into the index. In a further concentration of corporate profits to the most important Nasdaq companies these higher ratings were so easily justifiable.

Asset Management comes to this trend is not over

In my view, must an investor who meets his financial decisions itself, create safety reasons in the Nasdaq 100. The only way he can be sure that you will not be surprised in the future of the described development. In order not to be caught right at the start on the wrong foot, it makes sense to invest in equal installments over a longer period in the technology segment.

Gerd Hackers


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