Friday, February 27, 2015

Buzzfeed boss Leopold: “On Empathy and technology matter” – THE WORLD

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” On Empathy and technology matter “


Hamburg – respond with emotions user: BuzzFeed boss Juliane Leopold presented their concept of online journalism on Friday. In a presentation at the “Social Media Week” in Hamburg, the 31-year-old editor in chief declared based primarily on social networks success of its Internet portal as follows: “Emotions are the key to the parts.” It is a matter of offering content with the appropriate technology and empathy which are based on the users.

The entertainment portal BuzzFeed is a mixture of blog, news site and magazine on the Internet. It lists claims to be the world every month more than 200 million hits, while according to Leopold writes in the black. The site has become known among other things, pictures of cats and click distances. With a total of six employees, founded in 2014 Germany offshoot of the portal will star alongside humorous and serious issues market.

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