Sunday, February 22, 2015

Technology for Girls – Frankfurter Neue Presse

City center. Early win

More women for careers in the technology industry, the goal is not only of various educational institutions, but also by the companies themselves. MasterCard in Frankfurt based on Eschenheim goal has developed a program that already celebrated in the United States and the first successes was implemented for the first time today in Germany.

“Girls4Tech” is an educational program that represents the payment technology MasterCard symbolically. This means that employees are used as mentors, 25 students of Carl von Weinberg School in Schwanheim the relationship between mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology show in a morning and teach in this way that it takes interest in all these elements to a career to strive in a STEM career.

The program is based on science and mathematics standards and was created in collaboration with developers, Mastercard and educational professionals. With “Girls4Tech” hopes MasterCard to inspire young women to early to acquire the necessary skills to be problem solvers and opinion leaders of tomorrow. Still namely on technical trades among young women not just in high demand.



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