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Found the solution ?: gold producer Monument Mining testing promising … – wallstreet-online

 The Canadian gold producer Monument Mining (WKN A0MSJR) has been working for some time on finding a solution that allows the company to process next to the oxide and the sulfide ore of its projects in Malaysia. This one seems to be making progress, for now, an agreement was signed with the Australian technology company Intec International Projects, which allows Monument to test Intecs gold and copper processing method on the Selinsing mine.

If successful, the test and successful commercialization receives Monument then the license rights to use the Intec technology for much of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Australia and China.

For the Intec technology that of a halide lixiviant mixture for extraction uses pure copper, precious metals and associated metals from sulphide concentrates are several registered patents. Because Monument believes that the Intec Technology (among other alternatives) could offer an economical solution for the treatment of sulphide ore in Monuments Selinsing treatment plant and other gold projects, you have agreed to test work with Monument which for a total investment required 13-15 will bear million dollars. (The details on the terms of the agreement, please refer to the press release from the company.)

The development of Intec technology but take place in several phases, so that each apply only the cost of the current phase and the work can be completed, a test phases should not be successful. One of these phases so monument was doing already been successfully completed, ie the treatment of deep overlying sulphide ore for gold recovery at its owned gold projects Selin Sing and Buffalo Reef.

Monuments CEO Robert Baldock also points out that the method is known behind the Intec technology for many years, but particularly well suited for arsenical ore through an innovation now. Was the decisive factor Monument, so Baldock on, the transfer of technology on a large plant, which is dealing in the recently announced program.

Monument assumes that the tests for the commercialization of Intec technology of the company Selin Sing-conditioning can be completed by the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2016 (the second fiscal quarter of 2015 the company ended December 31, 2014). If successful, the sulphide ore connected in one of the Selin Sing-conditioning Intec cycle will be enriched and prepared what the company strives for the first quarter of fiscal 2017.

Along with the rest of the available Oxiderzmaterial expected Monument then, on the Selinsing gold mine for another five years – until fiscal year 2020 – to continue a sustainable gold production. In this case, however, a potential increase in deposits by successful further exploration on the projects Selin Sing and Buffalo Reef is not included.

The plan is for the technology development a four-phase program, where in the first step, the Intec results in the Intec laboratories in Tasmania and Australia were obtained in 2013 and 2014, are to be reproduced and optimized. In this case, an average yield of 70% occurring in Buffalo Reef gold concentrate was successful. Monument now has a similar program conducted in our own laboratories, where similar results were obtained.

Here you could win important data that will be used for the operation of the proposed development for the second phase pilot plant. After confirmation of the chemical work on the Buffalo Reef ore and the fact that an upgrade of the preparation of a set of samples is possible in a continuous treatment, the third phase will be a demonstration plant with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes of concentrate per day, which is about 100,000 tons gold-bearing ore equivalent. The final phase will then be a commercial-scale plant, which in the existing carbon-in-leach (“CIL”) – is fitted circuit in which the gold is deposited by carbon. Their capacity is adjusted to the amount of concentrate, which processes the plant for several years, that is about 1 million tons of mineralized material per year.

An additional plus is that this technology is currently a monument in terms of application of gold from sulphide ore studied, but it is also suitable for use with copper sulfides, Monument will shortly also be an update

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