Monday, February 23, 2015

Toddler died from measles – Business Week: Berlin

In Berlin a toddler measles died. The said Health Senator Mario Czaja (CDU) in Berlin on Monday.

The child at the age of one and a half years had died on 18 February in a hospital infectious disease, said Berlin Health Senator Mario Czaja (CDU) on Monday. As it has been infected, is still unclear.
In Berlin in October rampant measles-wave. From the beginning of the outbreak until February 23, 574 measles cases were reported in the capital. A secondary school in Lichtenrade remained closed as a precaution on Monday. Reason for the closure of the secondary school in the district Lichtenrade is a serious course of infectious disease in an adolescent, a spokeswoman for the Berlin Senate. So you confirmed media reports.

Five Myths about vaccinating

  • Myth 1

    “risks of vaccination be underestimated”

    Of course, vaccinations can cause side effects, and complications can occur – but these are extremely rare. According to Ministry of Health the number of recognized Vaccine is located in Germany with an average of 34 per year – at around 50 million vaccinations. By comparison, the risk of dying from measles is much higher. One of 10,000 infected not survive the disease.

  • Myth 2

    “vaccines are to blame for allergies”

    There is no scientific evidence of a link between allergies and immunizations. Against the myth speaks also German domestic observation: In the GDR was compulsory vaccination, and here there was hardly allergies

  • Myth 3

    “vaccines cause autism and multiple sclerosis from”

    Also, for this context, there is often sought, according to Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is no proof. Studies that supposedly revealed such a connection, though attended quite a stir, but had serious methodological flaws. In a later was even known that it was financed by lawyers of parents of autistic children, they represented in proceedings brought against a vaccine manufacturer.

  • Myth 4

    ” to survive diseases, strengthens the body “

    it is precisely in anthroposophical circles as “invigorating and cleansing” to let the body go through a disease. There are again but no scientific evidence. Who is an infectious disease that is then only immune to this a pathogen. And new studies provide evidence that approximately performs a measles infection at a months-long weakening of the immune system

  • Myth 5

    “vaccination borders on assault”

    A government-mandated vaccination is legally tricky. Although it could be eradicated by the year 1979, the smallpox. But in Germany today, the Basic Law protects the right to physical integrity – so that everyone has a right, take care not to get vaccinated. The deep-rooted fear of vaccination also stems from the period of smallpox, because the vaccine is then used for the forced immunizations was anything but well tolerated.

The headmaster found out on Friday from the case and with the health department can consult until Monday. Classmates and teachers of young people would now have to submit Impfbücher. On Tuesday, the school will reportedly open again. In Berlin, the measles are rife since October 2014. According to the Education Administration since unvaccinated teachers were removed from service.

From the beginning of the outbreak until February 23, 574 measles cases were reported, such as the State Office of Health and Welfare announced on Monday. Thus, this is the largest measles outbreak in Berlin since the introduction of infection Protection Act 2001.


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