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Technology for Saudi Arabia: Berlin stop arms exports but not – NEWS


 Wednesday 04 February 2015


 Saudi Arabia are human rights matter, so prohibits the federal government arms sales – which seemed to be consensus after the last Security Council meeting. Quite right, that’s not how a message is Minister of Economy.



The federal government has not stopped the arms exports to Saudi Arabia. The Federal Security Council approved at its last meeting two weeks before the export of four shooting simulation systems of the type “Gladio” including accessories, “target representation devices” for infantry weapons including accessories, software and technology for the security of the more than 6,000-kilometer border of Saudi Arabia. This is clear from a statement of Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel to the Bundestag.

Shortly after the Security Council meeting there had been reports that rejected all export applications for Saudi Arabia or the decisions were postponed until further notice. This is true for information from government but only for edged weapons. Next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Gabriel the Federal Security Council composed of seven other ministers. The shareholders approved at its last meeting eight stores.

“Human rights are less than arms exports”

In addition to the three exports to Saudi Arabia, there was the green light for the export of radio equipment and a mounting container for “fox” -Transportpanzer to Algeria. After Kuwait eleven NBC reconnaissance vehicles for the defense of and search for chemical, biological and nuclear weapons are delivered. Brazil receives lightweight torpedoes without warhead.

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What export applications are rejected, the Security Council in deference to the applicant and producer keeps secret. Arms exports to Saudi Arabia are highly controversial because of the human rights situation in the Kingdom. Last corporal punishment for because Islam insult to 1,000 lashes convicted blogger Raif Badawi had caused worldwide outrage.

The charge of arms exports Vice Chancellor Gabriel has a limitation of arms sales to countries outside of the EU and NATO written on the flags , In early March travels the SPD leader with a business delegation to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Left criticized the arms exports sharply. “Angela Merkel remains true to himself: Human rights are for this federal government less than arms exports,” the foreign policy Jan van Aken. “At States, contact the human rights underfoot, no tanks, no gun, not even a screw for a weapon may be delivered.”



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