Monday, February 23, 2015

Mac App Store: storage management technology Automatic Reference … –

With Automatic Reference Counting Apple has introduced a new memory management technology a few years ago. These are intended to use in the near future all developers: Apps for the Mac App Store ARC is now required.

Automatic Reference Counting is a recent alternative to “garbage collection” technologies: This feature ensures that individual apps unused memory blocks of These are also released. Unlike garbage collection however, this is done with Automatic Reference Counting on compiler level, so that developers do not have to provide in their code itself to release the memory.

Apple support Automatic Reference Counting since 2011, gradually the developers should become familiar with the technology. If it now comes to the more far-reaching implementation, Apple is once again quite rigorously: The Company has notified registered developers that traditional “garbage” not intended to be used in apps in the Mac App Store

. In other words, each new app and every new version of existing apps has put au Automatic Reference Counting; otherwise Apple will not distribute the software through the App Store. Migrating to ARC is however much easier for developers by Xcode.

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