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IRW-PRESS: Zecotek Photonics Inc .: Zecotek announces development of breakthrough technology for the production of metal powders for use in 3D printers

Zecotek announces development of breakthrough technology for the production of metal powders for use in 3D printers

SINGAPORE, Feb. 2, 2015 / – Zecotek Photonics Inc. (DMF) (frankfurt: W1I) (otcpk: ZMSPF), a developer of leading photonics technologies for medical, industrial and scientific markets, today announced that its 100% subsidiary Zecotek Display Systems Pte. Ltd. together with its strategic partners, the Institute of Chemical Physics (the Institute) and LT-Pyrkal, has developed a unique technology for manufacturing metal powder for use in 3D printers.

This new production concept makes use of the synthesis of metal hydrides and has significant advantages over traditional methods in:.! high productivity, superior quality of the synthesized hydrides, much niederigerer energy consumption, ecological purity and high process safety, to name just a few of the essential function parameters <- sh_cad_4 ->

Our new and unique manufacturing technology for metal powder is a significant achievement in the development of 3D printing, Dr. AF Zerrouk, Chairman, President and CEO of Zecotek Photonics Inc. said the search for cost-effective and available powders of refractory metals was long and tedious; the 3D industry will appreciate our solution. 3D printing based on laser sintering is undoubtedly the technology of the future. The advantages of our breakthrough technology should contribute greatly to the rapid development of additive technologies in the field of 3D Rapid Manufacturing. The development of a new generation of hydrogen-containing materials, including those based on refractory metals, nano-modified metal alloys and certain intermetallic compounds is additive for 3D printing process is crucial. Zecotek is doing in this vast and rapidly changing market, together with its strategic partners pioneering work.

3D printing on laser sintering technology is an additive manufacturing process, in which a laser as an energy source is used for the sintering of metal powders. Here, the powder for the production of solid structures are bound. The conventional metal powder production is dependent on extensive steps to prepare for the hydrides, such as the initial activation of the metal and the deep cleaning of the hydrogen. In addition, it requires the use of expensive fine metal powder in the hydrogenation. The developed Zecotek and its partners metal powders are suitable for use in Zecotek’s 3D printers and other based on laser sintering 3D printer.

Zecotek works with the Institute of Chemical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences together to expand the list of high-performance metal powder alloys for use in the company’s space-saving 3D fast printer. In the center of the cooperation of Zecotek the Institute and LT-Pyrkal is the selective matching this advanced technology for the production of metal powders of metal hydride compounds. The long term goal of this collaboration is to secure a leadership position in the field of 3D metal printing and the production of high-performance powder materials for 3D additive manufacturing of metal and alloy components for use in large applications and industries generally. Zecotek is in talks with leaders to identify the most appropriate way for the commercialization of its new 3D printing and powder technology.

In July 2014 Zecotek LT-Pyrkal responsible for the Assembly and testing of its first space-saving 3D high-speed printer, the high-performance metal alloys and uses technical and commercial advantages over other 3D printing offers. A number of important technical challenges have been overcome and LT Pyrkal now begins with the construction of the new 3D printer, the, both for the development of prototypes and the distributed production with specific applications in electronics, aviation and Rahmfahrt, the automotive industry will be used in mechanical engineering and healthcare. By the 3rd quarter of 2015, working prototype of the 3D high-speed printer to be developed.

About the Institute of Chemical Physics

The Institute of Chemical Physics is based in Yerevan (Armenia) and is part of Russia’s International Science and Technology Centre, an intergovernmental organization, scientists from the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia, Georgia and other countries with their colleagues and other research organizations in the EU, Japan, South Korea Norway and the United States brings together. The organization focuses on the following areas of expertise: the development of the theory of chemical conversion, kinetics and mechanism of complex chemical reaction involving free radicals and atoms including chain and combustion and explosion reactions in the gas phase and condensation. Among his most important ones research interests include complex and elementary chemical reactions involving free radicals, the chemistry of free radicals, chain reactions, combustion and explosion in the gas and condensation phase synthesis of inorganic materials in combustion conditions, develo pment of technologies for the production of refractory materials by means of SHS procedure (Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis), catalytic processes and heterophase chemical processes.


LT-Pyrkal is a Greek Armenian research, development and production company that specializes in crystal growth, laser-specific accessories and components, lasers and systems. LT-Pyrkal was founded in 1999 and today employs more than 250 highly qualified professionals. At over 30,000 square meters, LT-PYRKAL industrial facilities for the synthetic crystal growth, the production of opto-mechanical and laser-specific systems and the development of laser and EO systems. For more infomation, please visit

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