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Vienna / Stuttgart (ots) – From November 4 to 6 presents the AIT Austrian … – SME News

Vienna / Stuttgart (ots) – From November 4 to 6 presents the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology on the World’s Leading Trade Fair for image processing newest technologies in the field of high performance image processing. As a key highlight of this year’s exhibition AIT international representatives of the world’s fastest image processing industrial sensor for highly sensitive optical inspection tasks is presented which will find about the security printing for banknote inspection applications. In addition, the AIT experts provide a new 3D driver assistance system before, with which the security is to be revolutionized around trams.

Zwtl .: inspection tasks for which the human eye is too slow

Extreme speeds are the typical characteristics of modern industrial production. So vast is the number of products with increasingly higher speed produced by these machines. On AIT technologies and solutions are successfully developed, so that a visual inspection of the quality of each product is possible for many years. A recent example of the key technologies in this context provides a novel developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IMS AIT high speed sensor for line scan cameras with up to 200 kHz (True RGB) or 600 kHz (gray values). The sensor allows for example color images with a resolution of 0 , 05mm at a transport speed of 36 km / h. This smallest hairline cracks can be detected on surfaces themselves. But also for inspection tasks in the high speed range of the sensor can be used perfectly – it is about at speeds of 300 km / h, a resolution of 0.4 mm can be achieved! Thus, defects in infrastructures such as Signs of impending rail breaks are detected in time.

Zwtl .: learn to see trams, think and react

With an innovative 3D driver assistance system, a new trams is at VISION first presented, future safe and makes more comfortable. This tram will in future be able to recognize obstacles and correctly assess their risk potential. The specially developed for use in light rail vehicles 3D optical sensor system makes this future foresight, intelligent and thus more secure. The technology is not only robust and insensitive to noise, it also has a large range, high resolution and can be realized at low cost. With their help, can learn the tram, different objects like To detect vehicles and people independently to assess their risk potential and to respond accordingly. The driver can, for example, are supported and alerted in an emergency situation, an acoustic warning signal in its perception, to take prompt countermeasures.

Source: obs / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Source: obs / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Developed is this new security system for trams AIT together with Bombardier Transportation in Vienna, where also the competence center for Bombardier trams and light rail is established. Thus, the weaker compared to the tram road users such as pedestrians and cyclists should be well protected in an accident. Currently at the Frankfurt tram network traffic Company (FGC) is a tram from Bombardier in use, which has a prototype of the 3D-sensor system on board. Can be used the technology then expected from the end of 2014, inter alia, in the entire range of trams and light rail, which offers Bombardier Transportation.

As one of the many other highlight is the AIT stand a 3D 360 degree panoramic camera for mobile robot presented. With this High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) navigation system that works reliably even in difficult lighting conditions, eg the robot can be used for forest fires for the exploration and production of situation reports, without that people need to approach the danger zone itself.

And in the context of an international European research project is under AIT-guide system for automated border control develops, the self-employed customs clearance and so guarantee a high level of security at the same time. The so-called eGate to the future with all kinds of border crossings – can be used – air, land, water. A prototype can be tested live on AIT-state

Zwtl .: Scientific Vision Days -. Technology presentations at the booth of AIT

On 05 and 06 November 2014 AIT invites again to the traditional keynote speeches at its own booth (number 1D82, Hall 1). Under the theme “Scientific Vision Days” present experts at AIT, customers and partners from industry and research the latest innovations and technologies from the image processing area. Program details will be announced at the show, as well as under

Zwtl .: Intelligent Vision Systems at AIT

possesses In the field of high performance image processing for innovative security solutions AIT is a recognized position in the international technological and scientific level. About 70 experts from research in close cooperation with leading companies in industry and science as well as the public sector in key technology areas such as “Multi-camera networks”, “3D imaging” and “visual quality inspection”. A significant competitive advantage forms the close linkage of sophisticated scientific algorithms on the one hand and technological expertise in the efficient implementation (software and dedicated hardware) on the other. The developments in this area of ​​research developed in close cooperation with manufacturers of components and video security solutions and infrastructure operators and public institutions. For more information, see

. Source: press portal


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