Thursday, November 6, 2014

Turkish military: Bayraktar technology stands Anka drone from – German Turkish Journal

During the development of the Anka drone increased according to the government order, the privately developed Bayraktar technology has found the favor of the army. (Photo: cihan)

The successful production of a domestic unmanned missile (UAV) has unwittingly delays in a controlled by the government development program for better quality UAV, namely the Anka drone disclosed,

<. p> Even on 29 April, the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan talked about in a speech to the Parliament in relation to the Anka drone that Turkey had reached a level at which it would be possible to produce UAVs. Anka was one of the prestigious projects of the Turkish government.

Since the early 2000s, Turkish engineers have built on Anka, a mandatory completion date but there was not until now. Official TUSA Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) to go from a completion in the time from 2016 to 2018 from.

Anka, a UAV type MALE (medium altitude, long endurance), should be able to for 24 hours to fly at an altitude of about 3300 meters. First tests in this context are to be successful. In 2013, Ankara has given at TAI delivery of ten Anka UAV in order.

Official in the Turkish defense on the other hand wanted to completion once satcom capabilities and a new, manufactured in Turkey itself can develop motor for Anka. Currently in Ankara, no one knows if and when these extensions will be available.

Bayraktar proven in test runs

Well, so was a high official of the Verteidigungsprokuratur known at the end of this year, a new tactical mini drone called Bayraktar added’ll join the military inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces. This was reported by the news portal “Eurasia News”. Another six unmanned systems to be delivered by July 2015. The corporations Kale and Baykar which are privately owned, set in joint production establishes the Bayraktar drone.

His first fully automated flight test completed the unmanned aircraft on 29 April. With an achieved altitude of 5700 meters, the object flew for three hours on the sky over the military airport Kesan in the northwest of Anatolia. On June 14, Bayraktar reached an altitude of 8200 meters and remained six and a half hours in the air. At a constant altitude of 5700 meters, the drone reaches a flight duration of 24.5 hours.

According to the manufacturer Bayraktar is a Turkish almost exclusively of resources, including software and electronic systems built drone. The mini UAV is also capable of carrying a payload of up to 650 kg in the air.

use in the fight against terrorism possible

Kale and Baykar According’ve out Bayraktar program to the fact that the consortium is now in a position to produce different critical systems in the field of drone technology, including flight control with three backup systems, inert navigation and GPS systems, a static steering system, a power control unit, a lithium-based Smart battery, aviation data recording computer, a video link system, a rearview camera, a ground control station and beyond command and control software.

military personnel who are familiar with UAVs, declared that the Bayraktar system because of its “excellent smoothness” a preferred technical tool in military operations in Southeast Anatolia should be. Already used the military unrest in regions often drones

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