Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ROUNDUP 2: IG Metall leader warns of ‘technology-slaves’ for industry 4.0 – forum Online

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MANNHEIM (dpa-AFX) – IG Metall leader Detlef Wetzel has warned of risks for workers during the advance of the Internet in the industry. “The networking between machines and the networks of human and machine must not cause operation data collected and placed in the context of performance of employees,” Wetzel said on Wednesday at the opening of an IG Metall conference in Mannheim, in which concerns the participation in the new era of so-called industry 4.0. “We must prevent Absolutely, that employees be a slave to technology.”

The term industry 4.0 hides the linking of machines and information technology. The participants of the two-day congress wanted to discuss how participation might actually look like in the networked economy.

“There needs to be more participation of the works council at the workplace design and we want a right to training, so that workers and the digitization good master, “Wetzel told the news agency dpa. “There is a large deficit of participation opportunities, especially as regards the design of new challenges.”

The federal government has urged companies to rapidly prepare for the era of industry 4.0. The possibilities of the virtual world come here in the factories, such as Internet-enabled machines.

The digitization of the industry offering opportunities and risks, Wetzel said. “We have great opportunities that we have done better reconciliation of work and life. – By a better time sovereignty” But there could be completely new performance requirements and massive job loss – “when machines replace workers”. Wetzel spoke of a possible “automation giant wave” ./ cco / DP / stb


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