Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Micro-census 2013: More than every second German is overweight – Business Week

More than half of adults in Germany brings too many kilos – especially men are overweight. There are, however, less smoking, especially among young people.

More and more people in Germany are too thick. More than half of adults (52 percent) had 2,013 overweight. Thus the share of thicknesses increased by four percentage points since the survey began in 1999, the Federal Statistics Office in Wiesbaden said on Wednesday.

Men are more frequently affected than women: 62 percent of them are too heavy, the women bring only 43 percent too much on the scale. The proportion of obese men has also increased more in the same period (six percentage points) than for women (three percentage points).

Smoking is the German health-conscious behavior: More and less access to cigarettes, especially young people. Only about one in four calls himself a smoker. These are good three percentage points less than in 1999. And only twelve percent of smokers puff more than 20 cigarettes a day – a third less than in 1999. More than half (56 percent) of the Non smoking has never puff away by its own account, almost every fifth (19 percent) has stopped.

Current figures speak for themselves: The Germans are too thick. The beats on the health and the budgets of health insurance. . Why do we always round – and what really helps with bacon

As with overweight men also cut the smoking habit worse: 29 percent smoking among women is just 20 percent. For more men have given up smoking: The proportion of smokers was among men by six percentage points in the women back only by two percentage points

Overweight is determined by the body mass index (BMI). is determined from the body weight and size. Of obesity, the World Health Organization (WHO) as a BMI of 25. Thereafter, a 1.80-meter tall man applies from 81 kg to be overweight and from 97 kilos as obese. Almost one in seven (16 percent) in the Federal Republic in 2013 was severely overweight.


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