Monday, November 17, 2014

KBR is Chiyoda’s acetic acid market technology – Process

The Plant Specialist KBR has signed a contract with Chiyoda, a Japanese engineering company, which KBR Chiyodas CT Acetica will market technology

Houston, Texas / USA. – KBR have a cooperation HIDE closed, it allows KBR Chiyodas process technology for the production of acetic acid (CT-Acetica process) to market. This process is based on a methanol carbonylation process of methanol and carbon monoxide are reacted catalytically to acetic acid. The process uses a heterogeneous catalyst for the efficient production of acetic acid

According to the two companies, this process has the following advantages:.

  • a catalyst, which is easy to handle,
  • limited loss of valuable rhodium,
  • a more efficient reactor,
  • small amount of by-products as well
  • relative low corrosivity.

acetic acid is used for the production of paints and coatings, plastic bottles, adhesives and disinfectants.

Growing demand for acetic acid

“KBR far-reaching global sales channels are Chiyoda offer more opportunities to license its technology,” explains Stuart Bradie, President and CEO of KBR. “This technology enhances our already extensive chemical technology portfolio.”

KBR has expanded its global presence in the technology business and to check out a variety of technologies available and actively pursuing marketing and sales efforts for licensing and engineering services that technologies, according to a spokesman of Chiyoda. With the growing demand for acetic acid, the company intends to use the worldwide network of KBR and expand its licensing opportunities of the CT process Acetica world.


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